Global Leadership Training

Global Leadership Training is an initiative that has been organized by, and is managed through the Office of Professional and Continuing Education (OPCE), a division of University Outreach at Auburn University. This Initiative was established to support the Automotive Manufacturers along the Interstate - 85 Corridor by providing comprehensive training and assistance services from University Outreach.

Benefits of Training

Research shows Team Leaders, Line Managers, Supervisors, and Managers:

  • "Take the lead in establishing a culture" that values behaviors supporting increased work performance
  • "disproportionately impact employee performance and retention"
  • "plays a critical role in organizational success"
  • "directly control a majority of the most effective drivers of employee performance and retention"
  • "ultimately impact employee performance through…direct management of the employee’s work objectives…(and) the environment in which employees carry out their work."
  • "can thereby improve performance through management of the employee’s relationship with the organization."

Companies that Provide Training that:

  • Creates a culture of communication
    • can increase the Intent to Stay (37%)
    • and increase Discretionary Effort of Employees (29%)
  • Improves internal communication and opens communication within the organization
    • can increase the Intent to Stay (38%)
    • and increase overall Performance (29%)
  • Trains Supervisors to provide fair and accurate feedback
    • can have an impact on Performance (39%)
    • and increase Discretionary Effort of Employees by (23%)
  • Clarifies Performance Expectations and Focus on Performance Strengths
    • can have an impact on performance (36%)
  • Advises on Career Development and Provides Job Opportunity Motivators
    • can increase the Intent to Say (37%)
    • and have an impact on Performance (25%)
  • Trains Supervisors to clearly define work objectives
    • can impact performance (32%)
    • and increase the Intent to Stay (36%)
  • Connects work and work products to organizational success
    • can increase Discretionary Effort (30%)
    • and increase Intent to Stay (34%)
  • Improves overall Organizational Culture
    • can have an impact on Performance (29%)
    • and increase the Intent to Stay (27%)

References Cited:

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Dr. Daniel Yu

For information about this and other training opportunities please contact:

  • Daniel Yu, Ph.D.
    The Office of Professional & Continuing Education at Auburn University
    Office: (334) 844-3107
    Cell: (334) 740-6068

Last Updated: December 18, 2017