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Mission of Global Outreach
Aerial picture of Coconut Beach Resort Hotel, Elmina, Ghana where AU delegation stayed.

"Creating opportunities for global engagement and contribution towards community development across the globe!"

Ghana Spring Break Testimonials
Two Auburn University students pose for a photo with their laptops sitting in the Atlanta airport

"...The 2018 outreach trip to Ghana opened my perspective to a new culture, different healthcare and ultimately the real meaning of joy and appreciation. Getting to experience and contribute to healthcare in Ghana is an experience that I will have forever. I was able to assist in a head to toe trauma assessment of a patient who was hit by a truck. She was unable to pay for a scan so the doctor had to rely on our assessment to provide treatment. I was truly inspired by the doctor’s and nurse’s ability to make the most of their resources to help their patients..."

— Morgan Blake, 2nd Semester Nursing Student

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Last Updated: October 26, 2018