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Mission of OFE
Faculty discussing poster at 2016 Symposium

The Office of Faculty Engagement provides campus-wide support, advocacy, and leadership in the promotion of outreach at Auburn University. Outreach is an important expression and application of faculty disciplinary expertise, transformative collaboration, and scholarship. By engaging in outreach, faculty improve life quality in Alabama and beyond. Additionally, they also gain valuable experience and insights that can inform instruction, research and service.

News & Events


11:30 A.M. –1:00 P.M.
Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center




18th Annual Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference
September 26-27, 2017
Birmingham, AL
Faculty Outreach and Engagement Council

The Faculty Outreach and Engagement Council is comprised of faculty and unit leaders representing academic, administrative, outreach, engagement and extension facilities and sustained initiatives on campus. The council provides thought leadership toward advancing the outreach mission of the university and cultivates greater synergy among units and faculty engaged in various outreach enterprises.

Faculty Outreach and Engagement Council

Last Updated: November 29, 2016