Andrew Balder

Department: Natural Resources in College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Plant Ecology/Conservation

Ansleigh Bright

Department: Geography
Research Interests: Environmental Justice, Environmental Racism, Remote Sensing, Climate Resilience, Social Vulnerability

Ally Brown

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Eye-Tracking Research to Pursue Overlap between Environmental Resilience and Concepts such as Social Vulnerability

Haven Cashwell

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Analysis of Climate Information to Support US Fish and Wildlife Service Species Status Assessments: An Eye-Tracking Study

Antrelle Clark

Department: Biological Sciences
Research Interests: The cellular characteristics that allow for successful symbioses between amoebae and ctenophores, and how climate change can impact their association over time.

Steph Courtney

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Building Better Graphs for Climate Change Communication: Evidence from Eye-Tracking

Sukanya Dasgupta

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Urban Agglomeration, Climate Modeling, Urban Heat Islands, Geospatial Data, Urbanization, Remote Sensing, and Data Science Concepts

Bethany Foust

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: GIS, Groundwater, Water Quality, Private Wells, Climate Change Impacts and Resilience, Policy

Matt Galinger

Department: Geology
Research Interests: Paleoenvironments, Wildfires, Ecology

Mallory Jordan

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Applied GIS, Water Quality, Spatial Analysis, and Wastewater Management

Ravneet Kaur

Department: Department of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Impact of elevated CO2 due to climate change on the nutrient content in soybean

Kyle Lesinger

Department: Crop, Soil, Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Climate Change Impact Assessment, Drought Mechanisms and Predictions, and Environmental Data Science

Erica Maul

Department: Biological Sciences
Research Interests: better understanding of the social behaviors of honey bees that influence a colony's likelihood, or lack thereof, to survive threats such as extreme weather

Steve McKnight

Department: Political Science
Research Interests: Community Planning, Public Administration, and how they impact Community Resilience

Haylie Mikulak

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Southeast US Oyster Farmers' Perceptions of Accessibility and Climate Change

Oliver Nell

Department: Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
Research Interests: Sustainable Agriculture in Alabama, Food Insecurity in Alabama

Cassie O'Connor

Department: Rural Sociology and Agricultural Economics
Research Interests: The role of weather in irrigation decision-making for farmers.

Brandon Ryan

Department: Geography/Geoscience
Research Interests: Urban vs. Rural, Migratory Trends, Social Vulnerability, STEM Deserts

Tayler Schillerberg

Department: Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Analyzing Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Security

Miranda Silano

Department: Geography
Research Interests: Resilience to climate hazards for medium-sized cities along the Gulf of Mexico.

Hang Song

Department: Geosciences
Research Interests: Climate modeling, Environmental sustainability and Climate-human activities relationship

Hannah Stewart

Department: Rural Sociology
Research Interests: Analyzing Co-development of Knowledge and Physiological Factors in Which Farmers Use to Absorb Info About Climate Change and Sustainable Farming Practices

Katie Temple

Department: College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Environment
Research Interests: Conservation of Wildlife, Island Ecosystesms, Invasive Species Control

Benjamin Webster

Department: Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Drought Impacts on Reservoirs Water Management and Quality

Savanna Wooten

Department: Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Paleolimnology, Ecological Change, Urbanization and Natural Systems