Inclusion, Equity and Diversity


The College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) values academic excellence, transformative research, and impactful service. COSAM believes that this can only be accomplished through cultivating an inclusive environment that draws on the strength of diverse people, experiences, and backgrounds. Key to COSAM’s mission is fostering the development of culturally competent students, faculty, and staff through best practices and strategies that promote equity, inclusivity, and justice within and outside of the university community. Therefore, COSAM is committed to actively doing the work to address systems of inequity rooted in, but not limited to, racism, classism, sexism, ageism, and LGBTQIA+ discrimination in order to create a sense of community where everyone is able to thrive.
Mission Statement: The purpose of COSAM OIED is to empower and promote equity in the STEM fields by offering inclusive support and an open community environment.
Vision Statement: COSAM OIED will be known by and accessible to all students, faculty and staff by providing comprehensive academic, professional and social support and resources that foster a sense of inclusion and equity within the college.
Recruitment: Our primary focus are students interested in STEM fields, but more importantly at the K-12 level, we are concerned with making sure students from underserved communities have access to resources that make college a viable option.
COSAM OIED is committed to providing resources to enhance awareness and appreciation of cultural and individual diversity, promote community, and prepare students, faculty, and staff to have a global impact in STEM.
Download the COSAM OIED Strategic Plan here


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