Tayler Schillerberg

Tayler Schillerberg

Department: Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Office: 251 Upchurch Hall

Areas of Interest: Improve Resilience of Natural and Human Systems to Climate-Related Natural Hazard, and Seasonal Climate Forecasting for Agriculture

Research Interests: Analyzing Climate Impacts on Agriculture and Food Security

Tayler Schillerberg is a PhD student in the Di Tian Research Group at Auburn University in the Department of Crop, Soils, and Environmental Science. Tayler’s research interests in agriculture and climate developed as she grew up with a cornfield in her backyard in Iowa. Today, her research focuses on analyzing climate impacts on agriculture and food security to address natural and human-made systems’ resilience. Prior to her PhD Tayler completed a Master of Science also at Auburn University, advised by Dr. Di Tian, and thesis topic: Assessing changes and predictability of crop yields and failure risks in the United States: The Impact from Large-scale Climate Circulations. While at Auburn University, Tayler has been active and continues to be involved with several campus organizations, including the Graduate Women in Science, the Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Graduate Student Association, Science Café co-organizer, and a GSC Senator Representative for her department. Before coming to Auburn University, Tayler earned her B.S. from Iowa State University in Meteorology and, upon graduation, worked with local producers at the Farm Service Agency, a division of the USDA. In her free time, Tayler enjoys outreach activities, reading, photography, and exploring the environment around her.

“I am excited to be an AU Climate Resilience NRT Trainee to continue to grow and develop my professional network. I am looking forward to working with shareholders to implement research results into policy and action."

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