Miranda Silano

Miranda Silano

Department: Geography
Office: Hayley 2194A

Areas of Interest: Resiliency to climate-associated hazards

Research Interests: Resilience to climate hazards for medium-sized cities along the Gulf of Mexico.

Miranda is from Naples, Florida, and is currently working towards an MS in Geography through the Department of Geosciences at Auburn University, with Dr. Chandana Mitra as her advisor. She graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Geology in August 2021. There, she was involved in research that used stable isotope geochemistry to model past climate and past ecological systems. Her research in past climate is what fueled interest in modern climate dynamics and systems, specifically climate hazards that are being amplified by climate change. After growing up in Southwest Florida and experiencing hazards like hurricanes, a passion for communication about climate hazards and how communities combat these issues arose. A combination of both her research background and personal experiences is what propelled her to apply to Auburn University’s Climate Resilience NRT Program. Her thesis topic overall revolves around how climate hazards affect medium-sized coastal cities along the Gulf of Mexico. She is to examine the specific hazards for these Gulf of Mexico coastal cities, how the hazards are affected by climate change, what are these cities doing to become more resilient to these issues, and how can their resilience be improved upon. She hopes to put out useful science that not only benefits science but can help society in an ever-changing world.

"I am excited to be a trainee because I want to not only strengthen my skills as a scientist but learn how to be a better communicator of my science, and use my science to benefit others. Being an NRT trainee exposes me to a wide variety of opportunities within the field of climate resiliency and exemplifies how diverse the field is."

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