Ally Brown

Ally Brown

Department: Geosciences
Office: BEMC 2080

Areas of Interest: Geoscience Education and Climate Resilience

Research Interests: Eye-Tracking Research to Pursue Overlap between Environmental Resilience and Concepts such as Social Vulnerability

Ally Brown is a first year student pursuing a doctoral degree in Earth System Science working under Dr. McNeal on the NRT’s Climate Resilience project. After growing up in the state of Kentucky, Ally followed her passion for Marine Science closer to the east coast at the University of South Carolina where she received her bachelors in Marine Chemistry and discovered a love for Geoscience Education. She plans to utilize the eye tracking software that Auburn University offers to engage with vulnerable stakeholders and further understand the overlap between environmental resilience and concepts such as social vulnerability.

"I found my niche in the NRT program because of the opportunities it provides for diverse students like me. The interdisciplinary nature of this project excites me because I love hearing unique perspectives from other students."

Check out Ally's 3min Research Video