Sukanya Dasgupta

Sukanya Dasgupta

Department: Geosciences
Office: Haley 2046H

Areas of Interest: Urbanization, Urban Agglomeration, Remote Sensing, Climate modeling and change, Air pollution, and Machine Learning Techniques

Research Interests: Urban Agglomeration, Climate Modeling, Urban Heat Islands, Geospatial Data, Urbanization, Remote Sensing, and Data Science Concepts

Sukanya Dasgupta is pursuing a doctoral degree in the interdisciplinary Earth System Science program within the Geoscience department at Auburn under the guidance of Dr. Mitra also in the NRT’s Climate Resilience project. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree at University of Memphis, in her hometown, and Master’s Degree at Auburn University in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Sukanya's research focus is in urban agglomeration, climate modeling, urban heat islands, geospatial data, urbanization, remote sensing, and data science concepts, such as data mining, machine learning, and coding in Python and R. She has studied land cover land use change in her most recent research. She has a passion for photography, hiking, traveling, cooking and playing with puppies.

"Being an AU Climate Resilience NRT Trainee has been such a fantastic experience as it has provided a niche community to be able to openly communicate and share ideas with other students, scientists, and experts that inspire a thriving intellectual platform."

Check out Sukanya's 3min Research Video