Hang Song

Hang Song

Department: Geosciences
Office: BEMC 2075

Areas of Interest: Human to Climate Relationship

Research Interests: Climate modeling, Environmental sustainability and Climate-human activities relationship

Hang Song is passionate about geography, GIS, digital cartography, education, and statistics, and has worked with ArcGIS, big data, R, SPSS, and related technologies since 2016. After completing a double major for his BS in Engineering and Management Studies, he began earning an Industry and Organizational (I/O) Psychology Master’s degree at Auburn. Later he moved to Natural Resource Management major in Forestry and Wildlife Science department while performing more complicated analyses and data manipulation. Song's research interests include climate modeling, environmental sustainability, and climate-human activities relationship. He is particularly interested in researching new methods for linking local social and biological information (population increase rate, land use land cover change rate, median income rate, etc.) with hazard damage rate and recovery. Future research plans include using statistical methods, modeling, satellite images, GIS, remote sensing, and machine learning to study biological information-hazard, social psychology-hazard relationships. Hang Song is in the 2nd year of his doctoral pursuit in Geoscience, co-advised by Dr. McNeal and Dr. Mitra on the NRT Climate Resilience project.  

"I believe I can meet so many people that have the same creed with me - to protect our environment and reduce the green gas emission. There are so many students in different schools, backgrounds and research areas. Together, we can collide with bright sparks."

 Check out Hang's 3min Research Video