Antrelle Clark

Antrelle Clark

Department: Biological Sciences
Office: Funchess 149

Areas of Interest: Marine/Cell/Micro Biology and GIS

Research Interests: The cellular characteristics that allow for successful symbioses between amoebae and ctenophores, and how climate change can impact their association over time.

Antrelle D. Clark is a Ph.D. student in Biological Sciences studying Marine Biology. She is from Dallas, Texas and attended both Western Texas College and Tarleton State University before moving to Auburn to pursue her doctorate degree. As an undergraduate student, she studied the association between sea turtles and diatoms, where the diatoms were used to determine health and migration patterns. Her undergraduate research drove her to focus on another symbiotic relationship in graduate school, ctenophores, and amoebae. This project consists of determining the cellular characteristics that allow for successful symbiosis between the two organisms and how climate change can change their association with one another over time.

"The NRT program allows me to connect with other people in different fields who have projects focused on climatic impacts and reassures me that I am not the only one concerned about climate change's serious consequences for the planet we call home."

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