Goodwin Laboratory Alumni

To all of you who have been a part of the Goodwin lab over the years, I give you my heartfelt thanks.  Your efforts and dedication have made all these accomplishments possible.  It has been an honor for me to be a part of each of your lives, and I hope that each of you find great success in your chosen endeavors.  When you get a moment, do drop a line and let me know how things are going.

Best wishes,


Graduate Students

          Dr. Ruletha "the Refolder" Baker-Hartfield

          Dr. Carma "Express Yourself" Cook

          Dr. Haijun Diessel Duan

          Dr. N. Rene Fuanta
          Dr. Shalley "?" Kudalkar

          Dr. Yongjiang "Captain Catalase" Li

          Dr. Robert "Data" Moore

          Dr. Elizabeth N. Ndontsa

          Dr. Olive J. Njuma

          Dr. Cornelius "the Transformer" Varnado
Dr. Yu Wang

Undergraduate Students

          Lauren Barr (Marks Scholar)

          Emily Brantley

          Elliot Browning

          Robert Andrew Campbell (CMB Summer Research Fellow)

          Juan Carmona

          Daniel Carter

          Thomas Cash

          Teddy Childers

          Moneisha Cunningham

          W.C. "Dub" Davison (Honorary Undergrad from McAdory High School)

          Michael Dumas

          Derek Fortson

          Gobind Gill (CMB Summer Research Fellow; Honors Thesis)

          Kendall Hall (Honorary Undergrad from W.P. Davidson High School)

          Kristen Henninger

Kristen "Princess" Hertwig (CMB Summer Research Fellow; Auburn University Undergraduate Research Fellow)
          Tyson Kilpatrick

          Alex Kollhoff (CMB Summer Research Fellow)

Kim "Mad Scientist" Laband (Auburn University Undergraduate Research Fellow)

          Jennifer Lewis

          Michael Love

          Greyson McGowin (CMB Summer Research Fellow)

          Ethan McCurdy (Auburn University Undergraduate Research Fellow)

          Matthew McIntyre

          Michelle Muldowney

          JaRyce Nabors (EPSCoR Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

          Melanie "Yo Mama" Oliver

          Sarah "Haz-Mat" Peaslee

          Stephen "the Iron Man" Pehler

          Luke Powell (COSAM Undergraduate Research Fellow)

          Corey Prescott

          Shawn Pugh

          Sara Ransom (Honors Thesis)

          Kenneth "Renaissance Man" Roberts

          Joey "AWOL" Russell

          Erika Schansberg

          Anthony Sheffield

          Theresa Simermeyer

          Olivia Snider (CMB Summer Research Fellow; Marks Scholar)
Byron Smith

Jordan Suh (CMB Summer Research Fellow)
          Alex Taylor

          Robert "the Separator" Thomas

          Thomas Townes

          Ryan Tucker

          Amy Wainwright

          Kendall Walton

          Ruth Wilkins

          Jessica Williams

          Rachel Williams

Alabama Educators

          Ron "Weekend Warrior" Marcy, Division Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biology, Alabama Southern Community College

          Warren Hamm, Chemistry Teacher at McAdory High School, Birmingham, AL

          Linda McCain, Science Teacher at W.P. Davidson High School, Mobile, AL