The Marks Family Scholarship for Undergraduate Research

The Marks Family Scholarship is the result of a generous donation from Dr. G. Lynn Marks and Mrs. Cheryl Marks to the College of Sciences and Mathematics and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with a match provided by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. The scholarship provides funds for highly qualified undergraduate students to carry out research in the Goodwin Laboratory on subjects related to M. tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. As such, this scholarship dovetails with our two main research projects. The first is in KatG, an enzyme that figures prominently in the defenses of pathogenic organisms against host immune-derived hydrogen peroxide. The second is in targeting the enzymes of the shikimate pathway for development of new anti-tubercular agents. We offer our sincere thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Marks and GSK Pharmaceuticals for their generosity on behalf of these young scientists.

Marks Family Scholars

2018 - 2019    Savannah Petrus, Junior Biochemistry
2017 - 2018    Patrick Sahrmann, Senior, Biochemistry
2016 - 2017    Patrick Sahrmann, Junior, Biochemistry
2015 - 2016    Olivia Snider, B.S. Biochemistry
2014 - 2015    Lauren Barr, B.S. Biomedical Sciences

About Dr. Marks

Dr. Lynn Marks obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Auburn University in 1979. He then earned his Medical Doctorate from the University of South Alabama in 1983. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine as well as a fellowship in Infectious Disease, earning board certification in each. Dr. Marks served on the faculty of the University of South Alabama College of Medicine after which he began work for GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Marks rose to Senior Vice President, Medicines Development Centre for Infections Disease, and more recently becoming Senior Vice President of Projects, Clinical Platforms, and Sciences. His team is accountable for delivering the global medicines portfolio, Phase I - IV, of clinical trials involving over 50 countries and numerous disease areas.