Jessica Krewall

Jessica came to Auburn University in August 2015, and she joined the Goodwin Laboratory in January 2016.  Originally, from Colorado Springs, she comes to us by way of Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX. So, not only do she and Doc hail from the same town, but Jessica carried out her research under the supervision of Dr. Robert Moore.  Yes, that Robert Moore.  After completing his PhD here at Auburn, Dr. Moore joined the faculty at Wayland. Jessica was a star student in the classroom and in the lab, so we are very glad to have her here. In the Goodwin Lab, Jessica is evaluating mechanisms of KatG catalysis. Her studies are expected to include the pathways of intramolecular electron transfer in the KatG protein and their relation to synthesis of the novel Met-Tyr-Trp covalent adduct cofactor and enzyme activity.