Rene Fuanta

Rene is the third student to join the Goodwin laboratory from the Republic of Cameroon. He began his studies at Auburn University in the Fall of 2013, and joined the lab in January 2014.  Rene is working on a new research project for our group. In collaboration with Dr. Angela Calderon in the Harrison School of Pharmacy, we are evaluating shikimate kinase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MtSK) as a target for the development of new leads for antitubercular agents. Our laboratory has developed a construct for the expression of MtSK.  Rene is using site-directed mutagenesis to produce informative variants to investigate mechanisms of catalysis and as well as mechanisms of inhibition by candidate inhibitors identified from marine natural products. The goal is to produce a panel of MtSK variants which will facilitate high throughput screening of candidate inhibitors.

Publications and Abstracts

McCarty, S.E.; Schellenberger, A.; Goodwin, D.C.; Fuanta, N.R.; Tekwani, B.L.; Calderón, A.I. 2015.  Plasmodium falciparum thioredoxin reductase (PfTrxR) and its role as a target for new antimalarial discovery. Molecules 20, 11459 - 11473.

Kudalkar, S. N., Njuma, O. J., Li, Y., Muldowney, M., Fuanta, N. R., and Goodwin, D. C. 2015.  A role for catalase-peroxidase large loop 2 revealed by deletion mutagenesis: Control of active site water and ferric enzyme reactivity. Biochemistry 54, 1648 - 1662.

Fuanta, R., Simithy, J., Gill, G., Kollhoff, A., Childers, T., Calderon, A. I., and Goodwin D. 2015. Site-directed incorporation of intrinsic fluorescence in shikimate kinase to evaluate catalysis and inhibition. 6th Annual Southeast Enzymes Conference, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA (4/11/15).