Program Overview

Scholarly Training Regarding Intellectual Preparation and Excellence for Students, or STRIPES, is a monthly undergraduate program designed to help traditionally underrepresented COSAM students have the tools to be successful both in the rigorous COSAM curriculum and in the campus system at large. Specifically, STRIPES does so through facilitating the connection between fellow COSAM students to establish a peer group of scholars who value academic excellence, individual growth, equity and diversity. Furthermore, these students engage with and discuss content applicable to their development as students, future professionals and citizens.



Our participants are grouped into four STRIPES peer groups of approximately 12 to 15 students each, with each year in school being represented in each group. Every Tuesday, one of the STRIPES peer groups attend an hour-long session. Each group's first session every year is dedicated to brainstorming and discussing potential topics that the STRIPES peer group members believe will be useful for them. After the students make the decision on what topics are most valuable to them, content is curated and created to cater to the students' identified needs. For example, a topic identified by students and covered this year was Mental Health Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic.


COVID-19 Safey Precautions

The delivery of STRIPES is a blended approach. In other words, a few members of each STRIPES peer group attend in person and the rest attend virtually. If in-person, students are required to maintain six feet of distance and wear a mask at all times.