Our STEM Story


Ensuring the Underrepresented are Represented

OurSTEMstory is a seminar series featuring keynote speakers to promote inclusion, equity and diversity in the STEM fields. “I want to help encourage and recognize the contributions underrepresented groups have made to STEM,” said Dr. Ashley Williams, OurSTEMstory founder and Auburn Ph.D. graduate in Biology. “OurSTEMstory is designed to educate and to show the truly diverse origins of STEM contributions and to address any unethical steps taken in the name of research at the cost of human life, liberty, and property.”

A central idea behind OurSTEMstory is to recognize the complete story of STEM’s foundation. This includes the ways those who are marginalized in society were historically and are still currently marginalized in STEM. Because representation matters, speakers from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to share their work and facilitate the critical conversations needed to make the STEM fields more inclusive, equitable and diverse.


Upcoming Event


Please join us as we welcome Dr. Devra Hock-Reid as our fall 2023 OurSTEMstory speaker. Dr. Hock-Reid is an early career professional who studied mammalian paleo-ecology as part of her PhD and is the outgoing Communications Coordinator for the Association of Women Geoscientists. She is passionate about science communication, museum education, and diversity and equity in STEM. Learn more about her here
While Dr. Hock-Reid will center her discussion through the lens of geoscience, the resources she will be discussing are applicable to all fields in order to work toward improving equity and inclusion across STEM broadly. 



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