Drop-In Center

The COSAM Drop-In Center, established in 1994, occupies rooms in the Science Center Classrooms Building including staff offices and study/workshop rooms. The Drop-In Center housed in the College of Sciences and Mathematics Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity is the home of a comprehensive, academic-support program for all students with majors in sciences and mathematics. During the school year, free tutoring is offered in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. 
"During the pandemic, I didn’t have any motivations to study at home," said Junior Biomedical Sciences major Lucy Chae. "Being able to access the Drop-In Center helped me A LOT to study. I was able to talk through my concerns with Dr. Mulligan, Mr. Oliver, and Mrs. Brown. They gave me motivation!" Altogether, Lucy said the Drop-In Center, "... was quiet and roomy. It was great place to study!"
Spring Tutoring Schedule for OIED
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