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Ways to Engage with COSAM AEIO



The College of Sciences and Mathematics Office of Academic Engagement, Innovation and Opportunity (AEIO) welcomes its alumni back to the Plains! We seek to support the college and its mission by providing valued programs and services to foster and strengthen the relationships between the college and its alumni. We hope to develop opportunities for lifelong personal, educational and professional growth for alumni and students of  COSAM. Being involved can be as little or big of a time commitment as you would like. Whether you would like to continue to build connections, expand your network, give back by mentoring a student, or reconnect with old friends you have made, AEIO offers a variety of ways for alumni to get involved on-campus. COVID-19 has forced us to alter some of our programming to be applicable for online formats, however we still welcome you to join us for any events we have coming up! If you are interested, have any photos of you while at Auburn that you'd like to share, or have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Consistent Engagement Opportunities
  • Leading a Professional Development Workshop
  • COSAM Alumni Speaker Series
  • Student Mentoring
  • COSAM Career Conversations
Fall Semester Engagement Opportunities
  • STEM Summer Bridge Graduation Ceremony
  • Black Alumni Weekend Tailgate and BBQ
  • Dean's Golf Tournament
Spring Semester Engagement Opportunities
  • COSAM AEIO Alumni Community Cookout
  • Gather 'Round the Table: Alumni Conversations
  • A-Day Tailgate


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