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The COSAM Office of Associate Dean for Research (ADR) works closely with the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) to support faculty, students, and staff in the development of applications for internal and extramural funding, to ensure research compliance, and to assist with pre- and post-award management.  As the OVPR moves to a decentralized model the COSAM ADR office has developed a series of processes to ensure a timely development and submission of proposals.  Our goal is to complete all internal reviews 72 hours prior to submission deadlines.

COSAM Recommended Timeline for Proposal Development

One to two months from proposal deadline:

  • Submit information into the "COSAM Proposal Pipeline." This is a document used by all of the COSAM contracts and grants administrators as a central resource to manage proposal submissions. A faculty member/researcher can submit the information on their own or they can work with a departmental administrator to prepare the information.
  • Contact your department administrator to begin preparation of “standard” documents for proposal submission.
  • The department administrators are to be the primary PI “point-of-contact” with questions routed through them to the COSAM ADR office.  The department administrator contacts are: 

  • DBS: Emily Valentine, Specialist I – handles all pre award for Biological Sciences (
  • Chemistry: Carla Cowan, Accountant – handles all pre-& post award (
  • Geosciences: Amy Good, Accountant – handles all pre & post award (
  • Math/Stat: Stanley Spence, Accountant – handles all pre- and post award (
  • Physics: Jennifer Morris- Specialist III – handles all pre and post award (

Use CRS drive to obtain example files and templates.

  • IMPORTANT: in order to obtain university approval for proposal submission, the following minimum set of documents are needed: budget, budget justification, and statement of work (e.g., proposal summary).

NOTE: If you are developing a proposal that will require subcontracts and/or cost sharing, we recommend that you start the development process an additional 10 to 15 days earlier in order to ensure enough time to prepare the additional documentation and obtain the needed approvals.