Additional Information and Resources

Addiction and Mental Health Resources for BIPOC and AAPI Individuals

"An essential element of being anti-racist is providing access to culturally competent mental health care," said Jasmine Smith, a recovery advocate for the Summit Wellness group. She provided the following two resources: Live Another Day - This organization provides information about mental health and also practical substance use resources for people of color. In particular, Live Another Day offers guides for Black, Latinx, Asian and Native people. Detox Local - At this website, one can find a list of mental health and substance use resources curated for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.


Creating LGBTQIA+ Friendly Communities in Healthcare & Education

"Inclusive, welcoming, patient-centered healthcare should be afforded to people from all walks of life, especially those who often feel marginalized due to their sexual orientation or gender identity," begins's Timon Kaple. This guide offers information which allows readers to, "learn the challenges we face and the steps we can take to bridge the LGBTQIA+ health gap from the classroom to the clinic." Find EduMed's guide here: 


The Asian American Experience on College Campuses

"This past year's rise in anti-Asian hate crimes shines a spotlight on the challenges faced by Asian American college students who were previously excluded from conversations on equity gaps in higher education," said Kelly Olsen of "In addition to societal pressure to fit a 'model minority' stereotype, Asian students face discrimination and the threat of violent hate crimes. It’s imperative that we share truths about the AAPI college experience." This guide includes an interview with activist Simon Tam, reading recommendations, and thoughtful insights on AAPI students' experience in college: 


An Online Guide for Student Veterans: Get Hired in Healthcare

According to Wes Harris of, making the transition from military to civilian life can be a challenge for veterans, and finding their next career move even more of one. Fortunately, many career fields are a natural fit for a veteran's skills, experience and disposition, including healthcare:

The guide covers the entire process for making the move to a civilian healthcare career, including:

- How to identify healthcare careers that are the best match for your military skills, experience and title
- Advice for choosing military-friendly schools, including those participating in veteran financial aid programs like the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program
- Taking advantage of transition assistance programs (TAPs) offered by each branch of the military 
- Tips on marketing yourself and highlighting your strengths as a veteran


Breaking Barriers to Engagement: Encouraging Girls and Women in STEM

Here, you will find information and a list of useful links aimed at helping girls and women who are interested and/or involved in the STEM fields find organizations, scholarships and events focused on their inclusion, support and empowerment. Thank you, Liz! 


Professional Resources for Women and Minorities in STEM: STEM Study

The following is a list of valuable resources related to academic and career development for traditionally underrepresented individuals in STEM fields:


A Guide for Minorities in STEM: Increasing Workplace Diversity

According to Amy Licht on behalf of the informational website Master's in Data Science, "[This] resource discusses the importance of increasing diversity in STEM programs by making them more inclusive. The guide explains some of the barriers that minority students face in higher education and provides resources for students, including links to scholarships for women, African American, Native American, and Hispanic STEM students." The guide can be found here:


Online Learning in Healthcare: Top-Rated Schools and Programs

"What does it mean to be a top online school in healthcare?" asks's Shannon Lee. In this guide, Lee outlines what is covered in healthcare programs, how online healthcare programs tend to cover this content, what to expect in an online healthcare program, and which online programs are top-rated for their fields. In addition, Lee speaks to a student and professor affiliated with online healthcare programs. Find this guide here: (OMD) Guides

"At OMD, we're passionate about helping individuals succeed in their educational pursuits," said OMD's Kim Day, "and we believe in our material's ability to make a meaningful impact." The following guides contain a great deal of specific information related to securing financial aid for STEM students and online Master's programs, stratified by subject. The Essential Scholarships and Resources for STEM Master's Students guide can be found here, and the Online Master's Program guide can be found here.


Holistic Mental Health Resources

Curated by Granite Recovery Centers and medically reviewed, this resource describes the different aspects of holistic mental health, the benefits of a holistic wellness perspective, and some specific holistic treatment options.