If you would like to visit the College of Sciences and Mathematics, please call the Student Services Office at (334) 844-4269 or click here to request a tour.

You need to visit the Career Center. They are located on the 3rd floor of Mary Martin Hall. Their website is www.auburn.edu/career.

To change your major into the College of Sciences and Mathematics, you will need to fill out the change of major form.

Once completed you will receive information via your Auburn email address for next steps from the college/school you are interested in changing into. Please be patient as you wait to receive this information.

You will often be reminded of important deadlines via email, so be sure to check your email on a daily basis. Other important deadlines can be found on the academic calendar each semester. Some of the most common deadlines are:

5th class day- last day to add classes on your own on AU Access; $100 fee enforcement begins tomorrow for each course you drop and runs through the 15th class day
15th class day- last day to drop a course and not receive a W on your transcript; last day for potential tuition refund for dropped classes
Mid-semester- last day to drop a course for the semester with no grade penalty; deadline for request to move finals; last day to declare intent to graduate that semester

A list of frequently asked questions regarding AU Access and registration can be found through the First Year Experience office.

You must visit your academic advisor to have your PIN reset. Once it has been reset, it will be 111111.

A list of transferrable courses can be found on our Transfer Equivalency Table. If you are unable to find the specific institution or course you'd like to take, you should contact your academic advisor based on your last name for further help.

To take courses at another school, students need to submit a "transient form" which is available online through AU Access by following the Main Menu link and then clicking on "Transient Enrollment for Auburn Students at Other Institutions".

You have a number of options available to you. Meet with your instructor. Many instructors offer office hours and will answer questions and provide you with course-related feedback, so take advantage. Individual departments keep a list of private tutors for hire if you are interested as well. Lastly, Supplemental Instruction(SI), Study Smart, Study Partners, and Academic Coaching are all resources available through Academic Support at no additional cost.

An "academic warning" is imposed at the end of any semester for which the student's cumulative Grade Point Average falls below 2.0.

The warning indicates that the student might be suspended from Auburn University if her/his Grade Point Average continues to drop. Students on warning should see their advisor and inquire about resources for academic assistance.

In order to graduate, students must register for UNIV 4AA0 – UN1.