Human Resources

We provide technical assistance to organizations through an array of human resource consulting services.

We specialize in municipal and county government projects and offer services to other public and non-profit organizations as well.

Projects are developed to meet specific needs of clients, with a foundation of:

  • Compliance with existing laws
  • Establishing equity
  • Providing support for effective utilization of resources
  • Enabling recruitment and retention of employees

We provide an objective view of your organization, its organizational structure, and its internal components. Analysis provides an evaluation of reporting mechanisms, strategic goals and the overall effectiveness of your organization. This information can be used to sharpen your organization’s vision or to compare your organization to similar entities.

We offer the ability to create entire personnel systems for our clients that include all of the five system components: job analysis, job description development, job evaluations, classification plan development, and pay plan development. Depending on client’s needs, any one or more of the components can be undertaken.

  • Job Analysis
    Known as the essential component of any human resources system, the job analysis provides your organization with an in-depth study of each job within the entire organization. Our team engages in one-on-one interviews with job incumbents to collect such pertinent information as essential job duties, reporting mechanisms, external contacts, and the environmental conditions involved in the job.
  • Job Description Development
    Job descriptions provide employers and employees with a documented collection of essential duties required for a particular job. Clear and accurate job descriptions form the cornerstone of a strong and viable personnel system. Also included in job descriptions developed by GEDI are the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job; minimum qualifications; and environmental conditions in which the job is performed. Data collected from job analyses is used to develop and/or update formal job descriptions. It is generally suggested that job descriptions be reviewed and updated at least every five years.
  • Job Evaluations
    Job evaluations are used to determine a job’s internal worth to your organization. HR Consulting provides an independent, objective assessment of a job’s internal value using HR best practice methods. A point-factor evaluation system is employed where each job factor is given a numeric value. All jobs are evaluated by a team of GEDI professionals.
  • Classification Plans
    Classification Plan is developed using the point total established through the job evaluation process. HR Consulting develops classification plans for clients. Placing jobs into appropriate grades allows organizations to gauge internal equity in compensation and job value.
  • Pay Plans
    Recruiting and retaining qualified employees is a major goal of virtually all organizations. One way to obtain this goal is to ensure that pay scales are competitive with peer entities. The GEDI team develops pay plans that keep your organization up-to-date with compensation trends. HR Consulting will develop pay plans that incorporate merit system considerations within their application, based on the client’s needs.

A formal policies and procedures manual keeps organizations legally compliant and clearly sets forth administrative polices and the procedures that employees must follow. HR Consulting tailors policies and procedures manuals to each individual client and provides legal updates to existing manuals.

The GEDI team meets with organizations to assess specific concerns and overall vision for organizational policy. With client input GEDI develops comprehensive policies and procedures that work for you.

Employee Performance Management is a process for establishing a shared workforce understanding about what is to be achieved at an organization level. It is about aligning the organizational objectives with the employees' agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and the delivery of results. The emphasis is on improvement, learning and development in order to achieve the overall organization strategy and to create a high performance workforce.

In coordination with client leadership, the GEDI HR team will develop a performance appraisal system, personalized to meet client needs, and for use by client department directors and supervisors in conducting annual performance appraisals of employees.

The system will be developed with a foundation so as to comply with the client’s Personnel Policies and Procedures, and incorporating the client’s job descriptions.

Guidelines, documentation, forms, and training will be developed to ensure client management staff is trained in using the performance management system.

Last Updated: August 4, 2022