Graduate Minor in Economic Development

GEDI administers Alabama's only graduate education program in economic development.

Economic developers face an exciting and challenging new environment characterized by an increasingly global economy and innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors. Academic economic development programs, particularly at the graduate level, can provide current and future professionals with the tools needed to lead successful community and regional economic development projects. However, most graduate programs in economic development are relatively new, and most universities in the United States do not yet award graduate certifications in this field. In fact, no other university in Alabama offers a graduate program in economic development.

Recognizing this need, Auburn University established the Graduate Minor in Economic Development. Administered by the Government and Economic Development Institute (GEDI), the Minor offers graduate students in Agricultural Economics, Business Administration, Community Planning, Economics, Education, Public Administration and Public Policy, and Rural Sociology with the opportunity to specialize in Economic Development.

Designed to address the state’s need for professional education and training in economic development, the program curriculum was developed with significant input from Alabama’s economic development community through a partnership with the Economic Development Association of Alabama. As a result, the Graduate Minor in Economic Development features a strong academic orientation along with the opportunity to engage in practical experiences through special research projects.

The Graduate Minor’s interdisciplinary curriculum provides students and practitioners with an excellent opportunity to build upon their existing knowledge and to acquire new skills in this challenging discipline.

Many students enrolled in the Minor are required to complete an internship as part of their major program of study. Through connections with economic developers across the state, the Government and Economic Development Institute (GEDI) can assist students in locating internship opportunities in economic development.

If you have any questions about Auburn's graduate minor in economic development, or would like to know more about this graduate program, please contact Amelia Hall Stehouwer, GEDI Research and Communications Specialist, at (334) 844-5394 or

Last Updated: October 23, 2018