GEDI History

The Government & Economic Development Institute (GEDI) has its work rooted in several different areas across Auburn University’s campus since its inception. The work of what is now known as GEDI began in 1976 as Office of Public Service and Research (OPSR), through the Center for Governmental Services (CGS) in 1985, through the Economic Development Institute created in 1988, and functioned in partnership in 2006 with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as the Economic & Community Development Institute (ECDI).

The institute now known as GEDI was created in October 2015 under the Vice President for University Outreach to form a higher capacity unit with a broad range of coordinated services for high-quality training and assistance to local governments and economic development agencies. The new Institute was created to allow Auburn University to provide more robust and comprehensive support for community development in Alabama.

Today, GEDI continues to be a vital resource for governments, communities, and organizations across Alabama and beyond. Its team of experts remains committed to helping local leaders and government officials create vibrant, sustainable communities that promote economic growth and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Last Updated: March 29, 2023