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Student perspectives

Bryan McMeen who is a senior in our program has written a paper as part his Honors project.  His report includes an overview of the actuarial profession as well as his reflections on sitting for actuarial exams.  This article is well written and it provides a valuable student perspective.  Bryan is a the most recent recipient of John Culver Woody scholarship awarded by the Actuarial Foundation and his success is featured in the AU COSAM e-Journey newsletter.

Actuarial career resources

The Society of Actuaries is the largest professional actuarial organization in the world committed to education of practicing actuaries, research to develop techniques for projections into the future, and promoting high standards of professional competence and conduct.

The SOA Education Catalog should become a frequently visited page for actuarial students. It contains syllabi for current exams, applications, study notes, and past exams.

The Casualty Actuarial Society is another professional organization whose purpose is the advancement of the body of knowledge of actuarial science applied to property, casualty, and similar risk exposures.

BeAnActuary is resource sponsored by the Society of Actuaries dedicated to promoting the actuarial profession among university students, high-school graduates, parents, and employers. A quarterly publication The Future Actuary contains news about exams, experiences shared recent graduates/new employees, and tips about advancing in the career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a page dedicated to the actuarial profession.  In particular, they forecast that the employment of actuaries will increase by 21 percent over the 2008—18 period.

College Grad Careers has a comprehensive overview of the profession including the nature of the work, working conditions, and job outlook.


A guide to electives suitable for the Actuarial Science majors is now available through iTunes U. To download a free copy open iTunes and click on iTunes Store in the left sidebar.  Type 'ACTU electives' in search panel in the upper right corner.  The Electives podcasts is currently the top hit.

Actuaries in the media

So You Want to be an Actuary? is an MTV-style video about the profession. Pretty cool!

In this video, Robert Oketch, a pensions Actuary, talks about Actuarial Science.

Job search engine GadBall created this job description.