The Applied Mathematics Curriculum:

Actuarial Sciences Option (ACTU)

Freshman Year
Fall Semester (17 hours) Spring Semester (16 hours)
MATH-1610, Calculus I (4) MATH-1620, Calculus II (4)
Core Philosophy (3) COMP-1200, Intro to Computing (2)
ENGL-1100, English Composition I (3) ENGL-1120, English Composition II (3)
Core History I (3) Core History II (3)
Core Science I (4) Core Science II (4)
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester (16 hours) Spring Semester (15 hours)
MATH-2630, Calculus III (4) MATH-2790, Math of Interest Theory (3)
MATH-2660, Linear Algebra (3) MATH-2650, Differential Equations (3)
ACCT-2910, Fund. of Accounting (3) MATH-3100, Intro to Advanced Math (3)
ENGL-2200, Great Books I (3) ENGL-2210, Great Books II (3)
ECON-2020, Microeconomics (3) ECON-2030, Macroeconomics (3)
Junior Year
Fall Semester (16 hours) Spring Semester (16 hours)
MATH-4790, Actuarial Seminar (3) MATH-4820, Act. Seminar in Prob. (3)
STAT-3600, Probability & Statistics I (3) Math Elective (3)
Core Social Science I (3) Statistics Requisite (3)
Core Fine Arts (3) FINC-3610, Business Finance (3)
Elective (4) Elective (4)
Senior Year
Fall Semester (12 hours) Spring Semester (12 hours)
MATH-5800, Actuarial Math I (3) MATH-5810, Actuarial Math II (3)
MATH-5000, Math. Modeling (3) Math Elective (3)
FINC-3630, Adv. Business Finance (3) Math Elective (3)
Elective (3) Elective (3)
  UNIV-4990, Graduation Check (0)


Core Science I/II:  One of the sequences Engineering Physics I/II, Principles of Biology/Organismal Biology, Fundamentals of Chemistry I/II, Physical/Historical Geology.

Math Electives:  Courses designated MATH or STAT at the level of 3000 or higher; no more than one 3000-level course. Subject to advisor’s approval.

Statistics Requisite:  Any course that will serve as the statistics prerequisite for FINC-3630. See advisor for approved courses.

Coherence Requirement:  Course choices for Core Science and Math Electives, together with the required interdisciplinary courses, must constitute a coherent plan of study, chosen with advisor's approval.