Math Club

The Mathematics Club at Auburn University is an organization open to all undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at Auburn University, not just students majoring in mathematics. Its main focus is to bring together students who share an interest in math to learn from each other, Auburn faculty, and professionals in math-related fields. The club is especially useful for incoming freshmen and becoming a member at an early stage can prove to be beneficial. The veteran members inform new members of research opportunities, provide helpful tutoring, and generally guide them in the direction they want to go.

The Mathematics Club meetings feature talks by AU faculty members, eminent mathematicians outside of Auburn, and industry practitioners. For example, the club regularly invites distinguished professionals from the actuarial or finance field to speak about their profession with the purpose of helping the club members better understand the profession and how to become involved, should they choose this career path. In the past, the club has organized other math related activities such as a math puzzle day, watched a math-related video (for example TED talks or proofs), and held registration social in which the members had a chance to interact informally with the faculty scheduled to teach advanced undergraduate or graduate courses the following semester.

There are two simple steps to join the AU Mathematics Club:

  1. Request that your name be put on the Mathematics Club mailing list by emailing a Math Club Officer.
  2. Join the Mathematics Club (Math Club) on AUInvolve. Here is the website: <>

AU Math Club faculty advisor

Math Club Officers 2023-2024

  • President: Madison Whatley

Please feel free to email any faculty advisors and/or club officers with questions. We look forward to having you join us!