Math Tutoring Center

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Fall 2021 Hours: 4-7 pm

Monday through Friday

August 18 — December 3



Appointments are available online and in person in Parker Hall.


Courses Covered

Math 1000
Math 1120
Math 1130
Math 1150
Math 1610/7
Math 1620/7
Math 1680
Math 1690
Math 2630/7
Math 2650/7
Math 2660/7
Math 3100/1
Stat 2510
Stat 3010
Stat 3600
Stat 3610/1

How to make an appointment

  • Log in to and go to Advise Assist.
  • Click on Make An Appointment in the upper right. Advise Assist
  • Select Math Tutoring Center for appointment type, find your Math or Statistics course in the Service menu, e.g., Math 1130, and Pick a Date.  Click Find Available Time.
  • Choose a day and time.
  • Select In Person or Virtual in the How would you like to meet box to narrow down your search if you wish.
  • Confirm your appointment by clicking Schedule.  The Zoom link or the classroom in Parker Hall is displayed on on the confirmation page or in your email notification.


Please contact if you have any questions. Please feel free to leave feedback