Math Tutoring Center

Free for Auburn University students

Open to all undergraduate majors

Available to students enrolled in
covered MATH and STAT courses

Math Tutoring Center hours: Mon - Fri 4 - 7 pm
GTA office hours: Mon - Fri throughout the day

Appointments available in person in Parker Hall.


Courses Covered

MATH 1000
MATH 1120
MATH 1130
MATH 1150
MATH 1610/7
MATH 1620/7
MATH 1680
MATH 1690
MATH 2630/7
MATH 2650
MATH 2660/7
STAT 2510
STAT 3010
STAT 3600
STAT 3610/1

How to make an appointment

  • Log in to and go to Advise Assist.AdviseAssist-Make an Appointment
  • Click on Make An Appointment in the upper right.
  • Choose Math Tutoring Center for appointment type, find your MATH or STAT course, e.g., MATH 1610, select a Date, and pick a Time and Location.
  • Confirm your appointment by clicking Schedule.
  • Once you receive a confirmation email, please read additional special instructions.


Please contact if you have any questions. Please feel free to leave feedback