AU Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grants

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grants Program (COSG) as of Friday, October 14, 2016. See below for the listing of 2017-18 COSG Recipients.

2017-2018 Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grant Recipients

  • Enhancing Diversity in Health Research Investigating Youth with Developmental Disabilities
    Dr. Melissa Pangelinan, Dr. Jared Russell, Dr. Danielle Wadsworth, Dr. Sheri Brock, Dr. Mary Rudisill, and Dr. Annie Newton
    College of Education (School of Kinesiology), School of Pharmacy (Via College of Osteopathic Medicine/Pharmacy Health Services)
    Amount: $20,000

  • Improving Elder Care with Interprofessional Mobile Clinics
    Dr. Kathy Jo Ellison, Dr. E. Jean Dubois, Dr. Kristen Helms, Dr. Margaret Williamson, Dr. Patricia Marincic, and Dr. Emily Myers
    School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice and Experiential Learning), College of Human Sciences (Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management), College of Liberal Arts (Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work)
    Amount: $19,999

  • Serving Alabama Fosters through Engagement (SAFE): A Pilot Program
    Dr. Amanda M. Evans and Dr. Jessica Fripp
    College of Education (Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling)
    Amount: $20,000

  • Improving Hearing Conservation Program Effectiveness for Alabama Industries
    Dr. Richard Sesek, Dr. Mark C. Schall, Jr., Dr. Sridhar Krishnamurti, and Dr. Norman E. Youngblood
    Industrial & Systems Engineering, College of Liberal Arts (Communication Disorders, Communication and Journalism)
    Amount: $19,984

  • COPE – Canine Outreach Promoting Engagement
    Dr. Morgan Yordy, Dr. W. Stuart Pope
    School of Nursing
    Amount: $19,876
Contact Information

For further information, please contact the Director of Faculty Engagement, Dr. Chippewa Thomas, at or call (334) 844-5700. For administrative assistance, contact Kara White at or call (334) 844-5700.

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