AU Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grants

2015-2016 Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grant Recipients

2014-15 Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grant Recipients

2015-16 Competitive Outreach Scholarship Grant Recipients at the 2015 Outreach Scholarship Symposium

  • Increasing Access to Autism Evaluations in Alabama: Training Professionals on Diagnostic Procedures
    Dr. Chris Correia and Dr. Polly Dunn
    College of Liberal Arts (Psychology)
    Amount: $21,054.00

  • Registered Dietitian Services and the Impact on Patient Outcomes in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Alabama
    Dr. Patricia Z. Marincic, Ms. Amie Hardin, and Ms. Susan Scott
    College of Human Sciences (Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management)
    Amount: $21,250.00

  • Pilot of an Evaluation Protocol to Assess the Uptake of Treatment Innovations within Juvenile Corrections
    Dr. Christine M. Wienke Totura and Dr. Jan Newman
    College of Liberal Arts (Psychology)
    Amount: $21,150.00

  • Reach Out to Assist Medicare Beneficiaries
    Dr. Salisa C. Westrick
    Harrison School of Pharmacy (Health Outcomes Research and Policy)
    Amount: $21,219.00

  • Auburn University Brain Imaging Visiting Fellowship (AU Brain Camp)
    Dr. Jennifer L. Robinson and Dr. Jeffrey S. Katz
    College of Liberal Arts (Psychology)
    Amount: $16,207.00

  • Opelika Grows: Planting Seeds for Sustained Localism
    Dr. Sean A. Forbes, Dr. Carey E. Andrzejewski, Dr. Brian A. Parr, and Dr. James D. Spiers
    College of Education
    Amount: $16,456.00

  • Community Health Investment Program (CHIP)
    Dr. E. Jean Dubois and Dr. Margaret Williamson
    School of Nursing; Harrison School of Pharmacy
    Amount: $21,250.00

  • Edamame in Alabama: Farmer Market Links for the Introduction and Evaluation of a Nutritious and Valuable Specialty Crop
    Dr. Beth Guertal and Dr. David B. Weaver
    College of Agriculture (Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences)
    Amount: $12,066.00

  • Effect of Discount Coupons and Healthy Food Awareness Education on Healthy Food Purchase and Obesity
    Dr. Tannista Banerjee
    Business (Economics)
    Amount: $17,440.00

  • Identifying and Celebrating Diversity in Alabama - A Community Partner Initiative
    Dr. Tessa W. Carr
    Liberal Arts (Theater)
    Amount: $15,260.00

  • Science in Our Own Backyard: Investigating the Wetumpka Impact Crater
    Dr. David T. King, Jr. and Dr. Lucille W. Beardsley
    College of Sciences and Mathematics (Geology and Geography)
    Amount: $19,757.00
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