Project Prioritization

Project Submission for FY14 is now closed.

Auburn University Organizations and Project Funding

The Prioritization Process seeks project submissions from all organizations across campus. Some University organizations, such as those under the leadership of the Executive Vice President, the Vice President for Student Affairs, or academic organizations under the leadership of the Provost are supported by Deferred Maintenance funds. Their facilities projects will compete for the available Deferred Maintenance funding based on the priority and criticality of each project. Other organizations, such as the Athletic Department, Auxiliary Services, or the Cooperative Extension must fund their own projects. However, project submissions are sought from these organizations, as well, so that Facilities can plan for the workload associated with those projects and develop an overall Project Execution Plan that encompasses all Auburn University projects.

Deferred Maintenance Investment Categories

  • Deferred maintenance is broken down into the categories below. Only projects in the Renovation and Alteration category will be submitted under the Project Prioritization process.
    • Renovation and Alteration Investment
      • Projects involving the modification, alteration, conversion, or change of use of a space. Renovation and Alteration projects will be jointly funded, with the requesting organization funding 50% and the Facilities Renovation and Alteration Investment Category funding the remaining 50%.
    • "Projects Under $50K” Investment
      • Facilities receives a substantial number of small project requests throughout the year. To be able to fund these projects, an investment category has been set up to execute these requirements. Projects under $50K are not included in the project prioritization system. Auburn organizations supported by Deferred Maintenance funding can submit them at any time using the existing Project Initiation Form process.
    • Maintenance Investment
      • Projects that involve the maintenance and repair of broken, worn out, deteriorated, or malfunctioning building/infrastructure system components. For those buildings supported by University funds, Deferred Maintenance fully funds maintenance projects in support of those facilities.

Renovation and Alteration Category Projects

If Auburn University organizations have renovation or alteration requirements, they may submit them as part of the prioritization process. As a rule, the requesting organization’s will have to fund 50% of the cost of these projects. These projects will compete for the $2.0 million of available Renovation and Alteration Investment Category funding based on the relative priority of the projects. For academic projects submitted by those organizations under the leadership of the Provost, Facilities will ask the Provost to consolidate the list of projects and prioritize them. Facilities will prioritize and integrate the Provost prioritized projects along with Administration and Student Affairs project into a Project Execution Plan for Renovation and Alteration. If an organization can fully fund a project on their own, the project will not have to compete for funding—it will be added to the Project Execution Plan.

Last Updated: May 09, 2014