Project Prioritization

Project Submission for FY16 opens Monday, June 1, 2015.

Auburn University Organizations and Project Funding

The Facilities Management Prioritization Process seeks project submissions from all organizations across campus to compete for Repair and Renovation (R&R) funding in FY16. Projects from all Auburn University organizations will be reviewed and
approved based on the corresponding building's eligibility for R&R funding, compliance with the Policy on Repair and Renovation Funding, and the priority of each project.

Submissions from all academic related organizations, such as those under the leadership of the Provost, will be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Provost. The other non-academic submissions, such as those under the Executive Vice President, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Vice President for Research & Economic Development, the Athletic Department, Auxiliary Services, Alumni Affairs, Office of Development, or the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES), will be reviewed and approved by the Facilities Management leadership.

Number of Projects to Submit

We ask that each organization submit no more than 2 projects. Refer to the User Guide for a listing of all organizational groups including the affiliated departments therein as currently identified in the Project Prioritization system. Each group must prioritize the projects within their organization so to meet the 2 project limit for the FY16 Project Prioritization System.

Project Cost Guidelines

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the available R&R funding for all projects, the maximum funding match for each approved project is limited to $75,000 from R&R.

For the purpose of determining the estimated total project costs for each of your project submissions, please refer to the typical costs per square foot of space for each renovation type listed below:

  1. Office Renovations: $110 per square foot
  2. Laboratory Renovations: $300 per square foot
  3. Classroom Renovations: $115 per square foot
  4. Common Area Renovations: $85 per square foot

These costs are provided as a general guideline for estimating purposes only, and so the actual costs of each project will be impacted by the size, complexity, and other factors specific to that project.

Project Submission Process Reminders

  • Refer to the User Guide located on the Help page for instructions on how to login to the system and submit each of your projects.
  • Please note that the online system "times out" after 45 minutes, therefore you may wish to first prepare your information in a separate Word document and then copy/paste into the online system once completed.
  • No submissions will be accepted for renovation of space that you do not currently control.
  • Substantial changes or expansion of the project scope after the project has been submitted and approved will not be allowed.
  • There is no carryover of projects from the FY15 system, and so any projects which were not approved in the previous year will need to be re-submitted for consideration in FY16.
  • Submissions of existing projects that have already received R&R funding will not be accepted.
  • Completely answer the 8 strategic questions on the submission form as they relate to each of your projects.

Please submit your project submissions by August 7, 2015.

Last Updated: May 22, 2015