Temporary Road and Facilities Closures

Improvements to temporarily close the intersection of Wire Road and West Magnolia

Intersection Improvements Map
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Portions of Wire Road and West Magnolia Avenue will be closed July 23-31, 2016 as the university works to improve crosswalks and pedestrian lighting at this intersection.

All surrounding buildings will still have access either via Magnolia Avenue or Wire Road.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Impact:

A detour will be available for vehicle and pedestrian use via War Eagle Way and Village View Lane.  Pedestrians will also have access to cross West Magnolia to the north side of the project as part of the sidewalk will remain open.

Tiger Transit Impact:

Tiger Transit route “Old Row – West Parking” will be impacted. The Edge West Apartments and Eagles West stops will not be available during this time. All transit riders should use the Hemlock stop on West Magnolia.

Local Residence Impact:

Access to the Sigma Nu house will be via Wire Road. The university-owned north parking garage and Champions Club Apartments will be available traveling eastbound on West Magnolia Avenue from Hemlock Drive. Magnolia Studio and Campus Studio Apartments will be accessed traveling westbound on West Magnolia Avenue from Donahue Drive.


Construction Manager, David Roberson, roberdm@auburn.edu
Communications, Martha Koontz, barkemg@auburn.edu

Food Services Building Demolition

Food Services Building Demolition
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Construction fencing will start to go up around the Food Services Building, located at the intersection of South Donahue and War Eagle Way, this week. The process will begin as crews work to remove any remaining items from the building.

Actual demolition of the building will begin in late July and is scheduled for completion in late August. The final site work is slated for completion in mid-September, which will involve the instillation of site drainage, sod and a sprinkler system.

For a full sized, detailed map, please click here.


Construction Manager, Josh Conradson, conrajr@auburn.edu
Communications, Martha Koontz, barkemg@auburn.edu

Arboretum pavilion restrooms and staff offices to close for renovations

Restrooms and staff offices located within the Donald E. Davis Arboretum pavilion will close temporarily for upcoming renovations. The Arboretum will remain open during construction.

The restrooms will close July 25, 2016 - Aug. 23, 2016. Renovations will include new tile flooring, paint, installation of a new hot water heater, and also an HVAC system to provide heating and air conditioning.

The staff offices will close Aug. 1, 2016 - Aug. 23, 2016. Renovations will include installation of an HVAC system to provide heating and air conditioning to the offices and storage spaces.

During construction, Arboretum staff will be located in 269 Funchess Hall and can be reached via phone at 334-844-5770. 

Cater Hall South Terrace Brick Replacement

Facilities Management Parking Lot
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A portion of the Cater Hall South Terrace will close May 31 - Aug. 4, 2016 to remove and replace brick pavers. 


Construction Manager, Julie Cannon, jec0051@auburn.edu

Communications, Martha Koontz, barkemg@auburn.edu

Partial Dowdell and Glenn lawn closure to begin May 16

Partial Lower Quad Lawn Closure
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An area of the Quad Residence Halls lawn (located in front of Dowdell and Glenn Halls) will be closed May 16 - July 14 to replace the underground hot water pipes servicing Dowdell and Glenn. 

The residence hall will remain open during construction, although a few sidewalks in the courtyard will be closed. 


Construction Manager, Buster Reese, reesegp@auburn.edu

Communications, Martha Koontz, barkemg@auburn.edu

Garden of Memory to Close April - August 

Auburn Memorial Disruptions Map
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The Auburn University Garden of Memory will close Monday, April 25, 2016 and remain closed thru the end of August 2016 for construction of the Auburn Memorial. 

During the construction period, parking along the Garden on Mell Street and also pedestrian traffic surrounding the area will be effected. 

Thank you for your patience while we work to improve Auburn University for the future.

Partial Parking Lot Closure Notice: RO/C Zone (Hemlock Drive)

AU Band Practice Complex Parking Closure Map
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A portion of the RO/C Zone parking lot located adjacent to the AU Band Practice Complex will close April 14 and remain closed through January 2017 for the Complex construction project.

All vehicles should be removed from the lot by noon, April 14. AU Parking Services will attend to any vehicles remaining on the lot after this time.

Visit the Band Practice Complex project webpage to find additional information including project description, renderings, timelines and construction contacts.

Service Drive to Library Loading Dock Closed

Closure Dates: July 15 - Aug. 31, 2016.

The service drive will be closed for utilities installation. The loading dock will be inaccessible during this closure.

Questions about the construction should be directed to:

Construction Manager, David Roberson, roberdm@auburn.edu
Communications, Martha Koontz, barkemg@auburn.edu

Mell Street and RBD Library Main Entrance

Mell Classroom Construction Map
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Bicycle, Pedestrian, & Vehicle Traffic Impact

A portion of Mell Street and also the main Ralph B. Draughon Library entrance facing Mell will close after Auburn University's Fall 2015 graduation ceremony and remain closed through Summer 2017 as the university constructs the Mell Classroom Building. 

The partial Mell Street closure will affect bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the area. In an effort to help the campus community prepare for the temporary closure, Facilities Management has released a construction map. This map highlights the construction zone and revised traffic routes.

Parking Impact

Parking Services will have a checkpoint at the intersection of College Street and West Thach Avenue and another checkpoint at the intersection of Mell Street and Roosevelt Drive, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Vehicles with the appropriate faculty/staff vehicle registration will be allowed access to Ross Square and Mary Martin Hall parking via the West Thach Avenue checkpoint. Vehicles allowed access on Mell Street via the Roosevelt Drive checkpoint include vehicles registered to Quad residents, dropping off at the Early Childhood Center, with handicap placards and of patients visiting the Speech and Hearing Clinic. All other vehicles will not be allowed to enter. If you do need access to this area, contact Parking Services at either 844-4143 or parking@auburn.edu, and they will try to accommodate your needs.

Library Impact

The Mell Classroom Building construction project is in front of the library, but the library will remain open. Changes will be occurring inside the library to make preparations for the new building. For all the details on how the library is impacted, please visit the library page.

Questions about the map or construction should be directed to:

Construction Manager, David Roberson, roberdm@auburn.edu
Communications, Martha Koontz, barkemg@auburn.edu

Last Updated: July 18, 2016