State Status


Alabama does not have a state law equivalent to the federal endangered species act so species do not have regulatory protection as state endangered or threatened species. However, some species do receive regulatory protection through the Alabama Regulations on Game Fish and Fur Bearing Animals published annually. These are the primary regulations affording state protection for some species in Alabama, and are administered by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Copies of these regulations may be obtained from the Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, 64 North Union Street, Montgomery, AL 36104. A digital version of these regulations is available online at

The Nongame Species Regulation (Section 220-2-.92) is also available online at:

State Status Code Definitions
SP State Protected: Species protected by Regulation 220-2-.92 (Nongame Species Regulation), 220-2-.98 (Invertebrate Species Regulation), 220-2-.26(4) (Protection of Sturgeon), 220-2-.94 (Prohibition of Taking or Possessing Paddlefish), or 220-2-.97 (Alligator Protection Regulation).
PSM Partial Status Mussels: All mussel species not listed as a protected species under the Invertebrate Species Regulation are partially protected by other regulations of the Alabama Game, Fish, and Fur Bearing Animals Regulations. Regulation 220-2-.104 prohibits the commercial harvest of all but the 11 mussel species for which commercial harvest is legal. Regulation 220-2-.52 prohibits the take, capture, kill, or attempt to take, capture, or kill of any freshwater mussel from Wheeler Lake from Guntersville Dam downstream to the mouth of Shoal Creek and from the upstream end or head of Hobbs Island downstream to Whitesburg Bridge, Pickwick Lake from Wilson Dam downstream to the upper end or head of Seven Mile Island, Wilson Lake from Wheeler Dam downstream to the mouth of Town Creek on the south bank and the mouth of Bluewater Creek on the north bank, and the Cahaba River.
CHM Commercially Harvestable Mussel - Legal to Take for Commercial Purposes (Managed commercial harvest regulations).
RT Regulated Turtle: Species for which the Turtle Catcher/Dealer/Farmer Regulation (Regulation 220-2-.142) imposes a limit on the number which can be possessed or size limits.
GA Game Animal (Managed hunting regulations).
GA-SP Game Animal - Special Permit Only (Managed hunting regulations).
GANOS Game Animal - No Open Season: Species designated a game animal by Regulation 220-2-.07, but for which there is no open season.
GB Game Bird (Managed hunting regulations).
GBNOS Game Bird - No Open Season: Species designated a game bird by Regulation 220-2-.04, but for which there is no open season.
FB Fur-bearing Animal (Managed trapping regulations).
GF Game Fish (Managed fishing regulations).
GF-HP Game Fish - Harvest Prohibited: Species designated a game fish by Regulation 220-2-.34, but harvest of the species in the state is prohibited.
CNGF Commercial or Non-Game Fish (Managed fishing regulations).