Environmental Review


ALNHP staff can review a project to identify rare and imperiled species and natural communities which potentially could be impacted by the project. We can determine whether the intended location for a given project includes the habitat of an endangered species, habitats of other species of concern, or other exceptional natural features. These projects can be submitted by localities and state and federal regulatory agencies as well as by private consultants seeking information to meet local, state and federal regulatory needs. The response only summarizes the existing information regarding the natural features or the locations in question known to the ALNHP at the time of the request, and should never be regarded as the final statement on the site being considered, nor should it be regarded as a substitute for field surveys required for environmental assessments. Many areas have never been thoroughly surveyed, however, and the absence of data in any particular geographic area does not necessarily mean that species or ecological communities of concern are not present. In order to be able to review submitted projects, the following three items are needed: project description, a map with project boundaries clearly delineated or a GIS file of the project area, and contact information.