Tracking Lists

Tracking Lists

One of the important tasks each heritage program performs is the regular compilation of a "Rare Species Inventory List" for the state that ranks by priority each element based on the number and quality of occurrences. This list is revised and published annually. Although these lists are compiled using the best scientific information available at the time, there is always more current information available on a particular species, distribution and/or status. We would appreciate any new information on the location, abundance, or rarity of any of the species on our list. If you notice any errors or have any questions regarding the tracking list or this web site, please contact us. Please send your comments to the appropriate staff member.

Current version:

Printable Complete Tracking List - November 2022

Previous Versions:

Printable Complete Tracking List (version 2 with minor corrections)- October 2021

Printable Complete Tracking List - October 2021 

Printable Complete Tracking List - November 2020 **Version 2 with minor corrections

Printable Complete Tracking List - November 2020

Printable Complete Tracking list - August 2019


Additional Information:

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