Help us Continue to Track Alabama's Biodiversity

The Alabama Natural Heritage ProgramSM (ALNHP) is dedicated to gathering, interpreting, and disseminating information critical to the conservation of Alabama's biological diversity. ALNHP staff continually build and maintain a comprehensive database of the biological resources of Alabama containing information on the state's rare plants, animals, and high-quality natural communities. This information is used to provide federal and state agencies, private firms, non-profit organizations, researchers, consultants, and citizens the best-available objective, science-based information to evaluate threats to Alabama's extraordinarily rich biological diversity and support public decision-making and education. ALNHP is not a government regulatory agency, and does not receive funding from the state or university. We are funded through contracts with a variety of agencies and organizations to conduct field surveys, analyze data, and provide information and expertise on the natural resources of Alabama and the southeastern United States.

Become actively engaged in the conservation of Alabama's native species and habitats through charitable contributions.

We need your financial support. As a program of Auburn University, ALNHP is eligible to receive donations via the Auburn University Foundation. Your tax-deductible donation will help fund the core mission of the ALNHP to collect new information about occurrences of rare species and natural communities throughout the state and help us continue and expand our efforts to protect Alabama's rich natural heritage.

We appreciate your support.

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To donate by check:
Make checks payable to Auburn University Foundation for Alabama Natural Heritage Fund.
Send to:
Alabama Natural Heritage Program
1090 South Donahue Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849

Please indicate whether we may list you as an ALNHP donor or if you prefer to make this donation anonymously.

Contact ALNHP at (334) 844-5017, for more information.

Donate Equipment:
If you are interested in donating equipment, please call us to see if we could use your equipment or to receive a list of equipment or supplies that we might need, such as office or field equipment, vehicles, or boats.