Mission and Overview

The mission of the Alabama Natural Heritage Program is to provide the best available scientific information on the biological diversity of Alabama to guide conservation action and promote sound stewardship practices.

ALNHP pursues this mission by collecting and managing data about the status and distribution of species and ecosystems of conservation concern.

Our primary functions and services include:

  • Identifying Alabama’s most important natural areas through inventories of rare plant and animal species, natural communities, and special geological or ecological features.

  • Maintaining our data in a standardized information management system to compile and track Alabama’s species taxonomy, distribution, status, biology, population trends, and conservation needs and to monitor the integrity of natural communities.

  • Tracking non-biological information such as land ownership and protection, land-use and management, and threats to species of their habitat.

  • Disseminating data and other information products for conservation, land use planning, and natural resource management.