GIS and Map Services


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a powerful tool because of their ability to create, organize, and analyze data, and has become an essential tool for any planning or decision making that involves spatial data. ALNHP can provide custom GIS analysis and mapping services including:

  • GIS Analysis
  • Map Services - custom map services including species distribution maps.

    • Distribution Maps - Visual representations of the distribution of species of concern within a selected geographic area. Data can be assembled by species, taxonomic grouping, specific areas, or any number of other criteria and are useful in environmental reviews and other planning processes.
  • Predictive Distribution Modeling - Predictive Distribution Modeling is an innovative GIS-based method used to produce predictive maps of where elements (i.e., species, ecological community type) are likely to occur and likely not to occur. The probability of occurrence is quantified and is directly related to underlying environmental variables and the locations of known occurrences.