Data Request


The Alabama Natural Heritage Program (ALNHP) maintains a comprehensive database of the rare plant and animal species and selected natural communities in Alabama. Data are available to interested parties to assist with the preservation of habitat for rare communities, plants and animals. County level lists can be downloaded from our rare species lists by county page.

Types of Data/Information Products Available:

Site-Specific Species List
A site-specific list containing species scientific name, common name, Heritage rank, federal status, state status, last observed date, county, quadrangle, and comments about the occurrence for all occurrences in the area searched. The data are typically delivered in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Site-Specific GIS Data
A color map and/or GIS data (polygons of rare species occurrences) can also be provided. GIS data can be provided as a shapefile or file geodatabase feature class. Custom maps, and written summaries can also be provided upon request. 
Environmental Review Letter
A letter with a written summary of the data with particular attention to species of concern and survey or management recommendations. We can also provide a letter stating we have no records in the area of interest, and/or no concerns when applicable.
Species-Specific Data
Species-specific requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Responses are designed to fit the needs of the researcher.

Making a Data or Information Request

To request data and/or information, please complete our data request form here
If you have any questions, please contact Katelyn Lawson, email is preferred:
Contact: Katelyn Lawson
Phone: (334) 844-5017
Fax: (334) 844-4462
Alabama Natural Heritage Program
1090 South Donahue Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849

Response Time

Data requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The response time depends on the backlog and workload at the time your request is received. Requests are generally processed within 5 working days but may take longer. 

Data and Information Request Fees

ALNHP is funded solely through contracts and grants to perform specific environmental research and analysis services. While some of our contracts include funding to provide limited services to the public, we are unable to meet the demand from all of our potential clients through contracts and grants. We therefore charge for our products and services in order to cover the costs of providing data services. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Small requests (2% of our data or less) will be charged at $75/hr and larger requests will be prorated based on amount of data provided. 
An invoice will be sent upon completion of your data request. Follow payment instructions on your invoice to remit payment. Applicability of fee schedule is determined by the GIS Analyst of ALNHP.

How do I pay for data services?

ALNHP will mail an invoice upon completion of your data request. Follow payment instructions on your invoice to remit payment.