Dean Nicholas J. Giordano

I am proud of the lasting impact that our college makes, and how we help students prepare for successful careers while exploring new paths as they become lifelong learners and researchers.

Faculty, students, and staff from the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) traveled the world in 2018-2019 learning about other cultures, shadowing doctors in hospitals, and expanding their horizons through study abroad trips in Peru, the Dominican Republic, England, Spain, and Morocco.

Faculty from around the nation came to Auburn University to be part of this year’s American Mathematical Society’s conference while distinguished faculty from leading universities spoke at a variety
of lectures throughout our departments.

We offered a workshop with a seasoned panel of COSAM researchers who shared their insights with our
newer faculty who are applying for grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF CAREER
award winners on the panel talked about their road to success helping younger faculty navigate this

Additionally, we provided multiple training opportunities and feedback sessions to find out how we
can make COSAM a better place for everyone. These “Let’s Talk: A COSAM Exchange” kitchen table
talk conversations will continue to help us find new methods to share feedback and discuss ideas for

In June, the new Leach Science Center Addition opened as a core research facility. The environmentally-friendly building provides faculty and students the ability to collaborate in configurable spaces filled
with natural light. Everyone in the Department of Physics is now conveniently located in one facility with
world-class teaching and lab spaces elevating the entire student experience.

Most importantly, I want to thank everyone for their hard work that makes a difference in the lives of
our students and their families. Pat and I had the chance to meet more than 700 of our extended family
members at this year’s COSAM Graduation Brunch. Parents and family members traveled hundreds
and thousands of miles to see their students graduate, and prepare for a new chapter in their lives. Our
college continues to make an impact because the people who are part of it continue to reach higher and
accomplish more each year.

As you look through this issue of Journey, I hope you see the achievements of our faculty, staff, and
students, and think about what impact this college will make on future generations. I believe our college
helps students find rewarding and challenging careers, and has an impact that is truly felt around the

War Eagle!

Nicholas J. Giordano
College of Sciences and Mathematics


To watch a video from this year’s COSAM Graduation Brunch, visit: