“The Dean’s Research Awards program is an opportunity for us to celebrate the forefront research being conducted by faculty and students including work at the graduate and undergraduate levels,”
said Dean Nicholas J. Giordano. “At this year’s program, I was proud to showcase research published in
Science by faculty, graduate students that have spoken at national conferences and an undergraduate
student whose research work has garnered an award from the American Chemical Society.”

Each year, the Dean’s Research Awards program showcases the very best in research. This year’s award ceremony took place on April 16, 2019, in the Sciences Center Classroom Building. Recipients including faculty, graduate students and an undergraduate student had the opportunity to talk about the research they are conducting in front of a packed room of COSAM faculty and staff.

The faculty and students shared their transformative research including identifying and characterizing enzymes in dinoflagellate luciferin biosynthesis, computational chemistry, statistical methods to model high-dimensional data, and developing chemosensors to detect lanthanides and actinides.

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