Society of Mathematics Students

The Society of Mathematics Students (SUMS) is an organization of undergraduate mathematics students that provides a way for math majors to deliver feedback about their experiences to the department. The council is overseen by Dr. Oeding, Undergraduate Program Officer, and Dr. Albrecht, Department Chair. 

The goal of SUMS is to increase communication between the mathematics department and its students so that both parties are better informed and can make changes as seen fit. In this way, SUMS aims to highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the department, bring students’ needs to the department’s attention, and increase the overall quality of Auburn’s mathematics program. 

Meetings are held once or twice each semester, and all Auburn math majors are invited and encouraged to attend. Typically, Dr. Oeding and Dr. Albrecht will have a specific schedule for the meetings which will motivate students to comment on their experiences as math majors. Each year, undergraduate officers will be selected to assist in organizing the council meetings. The 2019-20 officers are
  • President: Michael McMeen
  • Vice President: Gi Hong Lee
  • Secretary: Jax Klusner

The meetings are normally scheduled in Parker Hall after 5:00 p.m.

All math majors enrolled at Auburn will receive emails giving details for the meetings well in advance so as to maximize attendance. There are no obligations or dues for participating in SUMS other than attending the meetings, which makes this an incredibly easy way to help Auburn’s math program.