Undergraduate Minors

The curriculum model for each minor requires a total of 15 semester credit hours. Note that courses required for your major or the core curriculum cannot count toward the minor. You need to fill out a form listing the courses that you have taken towards your minor and obtain some signatures. This form is then forwarded to the Registrar's Office (by the Department) which will make a note in your transcript that you have fulfilled the requirements of a mathematics minor.

Required Courses. Students in all curricula offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are strongly encouraged to take required courses in the semesters specified by the curriculum models in Auburn Bulletin. Failure to do so may delay their graduation. Even though some of the required courses may also be offered in other semesters, such off-sequence offerings cannot be guaranteed and may be canceled on short notice due to under-enrollment.  The cancellation of an off-sequence class is not a valid reason for a course substitution.

Full information on all minors may be found on the Auburn University Bulletin, including curriculum models and course listings.

Please note: Hours required for a major cannot be used for satisfying the requirements of a minor according to University rules.

Mathematics Minor

The objective of the Minor in Mathematics is to complement mathematics-related fields including, but not limited to, the various Science, Technology, and Engineering majors.

Statistics Minor

The objective of the Minor in Statistics is to provide a solid foundation in Statistics education and training and is designed to enhance the student's preparation in his/her own field of study, such as in the experimental sciences, mathematics, education, engineering, biology, forestry, etc.