TitleJob Code
Academic CoachAE98
Academic StrategistNA40
Accountant, CentralKA07
Accountant, Financial ReptKA06
Admin Supp Assoc-ACES/AAESDA04
Admin Supp Asst-ACES/AAESDA03
Admin Supp Spec-ACES/AAESDB07
Admin Support Assoc-AcadDA02
Admin Support Assoc-AdminDA06
Admin Support Asst-AcadDA01
Admin Support Asst-AdminDA05
Admin Support Spec-AcadDB03
Admin Support Spec-AdminDB15
Admstr, Academic AffairsAA87
Admstr, Academic ProgramsAA02
Admstr, Ath ComplianceBB07
Admstr, Business & Admin SvcsDB36
Admstr, Campus SustainEH08
Admstr, Contracts & GrantsHC19
Admstr, Degree ProgrammingAA12
Admstr, Development ProgramsOA43
Admstr, Eqty&Inclsv InitiativeEB55
Admstr, Land & FacilitiesCA29
Admstr, Outreach ProgramsCA06
Admstr, Parent & Family PrgmsAE91
Admstr, Proposal ServicesHC30
Admstr, Recruiting SvcsBB23
Admstr, Science LabsHC33
Admstr, Special CircumstancesKB04
Admstr, Special EventsAA91
Admstr, Student RecruitingAA43
Admstr, Univ Event DatabaseAA97
Admstr, Veterinary Outreach & SpecIA25
Advisor I, AcademicAA48
Advisor II, AcademicAA49
Advisor III, AcademicAA50
Advisor, AdmissionsAD02
Advisor, Campus RecreationAE20
Advisor, Financial AidKB03
Advisor, Grad Admiss-Col/SchAD48
Advisor, Grad School SvcsAA09
Advisor, Int'l StudentsAA44
Advisor, Natl Resources PrgGA04
Advisor, ScholarshipAD03
Advisor, Und Std Spec ProjAE01
Agent AssistantCA01
Aircraft DispatcherEG14
Ambulatory Care PharmacistEA72
Analyst I, Accounts PayableED36
Analyst II, Accounts PayableED37
Analyst III, Accounts PayableED38
Analyst Sr, Institution RschHC13
Analyst, Academic ProgramHC90
Analyst, Assessment & Strat PlanHC34
Analyst, Business AdminHC65
Analyst, Enrol Svcs StudHC35
Analyst, Geograph Info SysHA07
Analyst, IRF Finance ReptKA39
Analyst, Institutional StudHC21
Analyst, Utilities &EnergyNC85
Animal Care AttendantID03
Animal Care OrderlyID02
Animal Care TechnicianID09
Apple Technology SpecialistEF16
Assessment SpecialistHC63
Assistant ControllerKA18
Assistant RegistrarAD31
Assistant To The PresidentDB22
Assoc AD, Admin OperationsBA68
Assoc AD, AdministrationBA81
Assoc AD, Ath Media RelationsBA35
Assoc AD, Capital ProjectsBA74
Assoc AD, CommunicationsBA84
Assoc AD, ComplianceBA41
Assoc AD, Equipment OperationsBA07
Assoc AD, External OperationsBA82
Assoc AD, FacilitiesBA38
Assoc AD, Marketing & SalesBA75
Assoc AD, Oper Support ServBA67
Assoc AD, Strategic CommBA66
Assoc AD, Student Ath Sup SvcsBA34
Assoc AD, Ticket Sales&OpsBA62
Assoc AD, Women Olympic SportsBA36
Assoc AD, Women Sports AdminBA37
Assoc Dir, AdmissionsAA17
Assoc Dir, Ag Land Res MngtNC65
Assoc Dir, Ag Rsch/Ext CenterGA06
Assoc Dir, AnalyticsHC37
Assoc Dir, Campus Rec ProgAE47
Assoc Dir, Campus SecurityEA66
Assoc Dir, Canine Train CenterHC04
Assoc Dir, Career DevelopmentAE40
Assoc Dir, Cooperative EducAE88
Assoc Dir, Development AcctKA42
Assoc Dir, Env Health&SafetyEE01
Assoc Dir, HR InformationEB61
Assoc Dir, I.T. ACES, AGMA15
Assoc Dir, Info TechMA05
Assoc Dir, Lab Animal HealthIA14
Assoc Dir, Ops & ProcessingAD28
Assoc Dir, ParkingEA02
Assoc Dir, Proc & Pay SvcsED18
Assoc Dir, Proposl Svs&Fac SupHC58
Assoc Dir, Rec Fac And ProgAE48
Assoc Dir, Research ComplianceHC68
Assoc Dir, Residence LifeAE39
Assoc Dir, Risk Mgmt & SafetyEE19
Assoc Dir, Safety And HealthEE09
Assoc Dir, Stu CounselingAG01
Assoc Dir, Trans Adms& RecruitAD35
Assoc Dir, TransportationEA03
Assoc I, GreenhouseNA33
Assoc II, GreenhouseNA34
Assoc Registrar-Ath ComplianceBB30
Assoc Registrar-Info TechAD32
Assoc VP, Advancement SvcsOA14
Assoc VP, Auxiliary SvcsEA30
Assoc VP, Campus LivingAE81
Assoc VP, Comm Mktg & CampaignOA31
Assoc VP, DevelopmentOA09
Assoc VP, FacilitiesNC26
Assoc VP, Financial Svcs/ControllerKA46
Assoc VP, Human ResourcesEB08
Assoc VP, Intl Aud, Compl,&PrivKC08
Assoc VP, Student AffairsAA10
Assoc, DevelopmentOA17
Assoc, FinancialDE02
Assoc, Theater TicketsEA38
Assoc, Ticket SalesDE04
Asst AD, Annual Giving (Ath)BA55
Asst AD, Ath Dig Media&PubBA57
Asst AD, Ath Hosp&Spec EvtsBA18
Asst AD, Ath Media RelationsBA01
Asst AD, Athletics FinanceBA70
Asst AD, Athletics MarketingBA13
Asst AD, ComplianceBA28
Asst AD, Donor ServicesBA73
Asst AD, FacilitiesBA22
Asst AD, Foundation FinanceBA69
Asst AD, Human ResourcesBA71
Asst AD, Oper Support ServBA27
Asst AD, Public RelationsBA48
Asst AD, Sports MedicineBA17
Asst AD, Student Ath Sup SvcBA30
Asst AD, Ticket Sales&OpsBA46
Asst AD, Video ServicesBA63
Asst Dir Business Ops CHSAD26
Asst Dir, AA/EEOEB42
Asst Dir, AMSTIEA93
Asst Dir, ARTFHC61
Asst Dir, Acad AccommodationAE23
Asst Dir, Academic AdvisingAA70
Asst Dir, Academic AssessmentHC70
Asst Dir, Access Elec & ITAE68
Asst Dir, Airport/Aviation CtrEG01
Asst Dir, Alumni Comm & MktgOB10
Asst Dir, Alumni ProgramsOB03
Asst Dir, BookstoreEF02
Asst Dir, Bus Ops & Strat InitGA21
Asst Dir, Bus Ops HousingAE96
Asst Dir, Campus DiningEH14
Asst Dir, Campus Rec MembshipAE50
Asst Dir, Campus RecreationAE52
Asst Dir, Campus ServicesNC74
Asst Dir, Campus Visit &EventsEH29
Asst Dir, Career ServicesAE95
Asst Dir, Cash ManagementKD07
Asst Dir, Clinical TrainingAE76
Asst Dir, Cntr Art&HumanitiesCA21
Asst Dir, Comm & MarketingOC34
Asst Dir, Construction MngtNC81
Asst Dir, Contract&Grant AcctKE04
Asst Dir, Corp Relations & ProfessionalAE86
Asst Dir, County Office OpsCA37
Asst Dir, CurriculaAE94
Asst Dir, Design ServicesNC79
Asst Dir, Design&Const SvcsNC44
Asst Dir, Development AcctKA10
Asst Dir, Digital MarketingOA52
Asst Dir, Donor RelationsOA49
Asst Dir, Employer RelationsAE30
Asst Dir, Emplr Relations-HCOBAE93
Asst Dir, Eng Media Rsc CtrAC14
Asst Dir, Eng Outrch/Contin EdAC13
Asst Dir, Engineering OutreachAA11
Asst Dir, FYE - AcademicsAA41
Asst Dir, FYE - OrientationAE69
Asst Dir, Fiscal AdminKA26
Asst Dir, Greek LifeAD39
Asst Dir, Group FitnessAE45
Asst Dir, Honors AdvisingAA95
Asst Dir, Honors ProgrammingAE83
Asst Dir, Intl Stu&Scholar SvcAA94
Asst Dir, MaintenanceNC76
Asst Dir, Mobile Pharm OpsEA53
Asst Dir, MuseumAB08
Asst Dir, NCATHC05
Asst Dir, NCAT Bus Ops & PlanEA98
Asst Dir, Outreach & Mental HealthAE80
Asst Dir, Outreach ProgramsCA33
Asst Dir, Payment ServicesKA13
Asst Dir, Personal TrainingAE78
Asst Dir, Procurement SvcsED09
Asst Dir, Project SupportNC58
Asst Dir, Property MgmtNC63
Asst Dir, Raptor RehabGA20
Asst Dir, Raptor Train & EduGA19
Asst Dir, RecruitmentAA18
Asst Dir, Residence LifeAE10
Asst Dir, Risk Mgmt & SafetyEE13
Asst Dir, SA Facilities OperationsNC30
Asst Dir, SCORE Outreach ProgED26
Asst Dir, STEM Outreach ProgED25
Asst Dir, Sponsored ProgramsHC60
Asst Dir, Stu Fin Svc-BillingKB02
Asst Dir, Stu Fin Svc-Fin AidKB06
Asst Dir, Student Clinical SvcAE64
Asst Dir, Student InvolvementAE57
Asst Dir, Study AbroadAD42
Asst Dir, Trademark LicensingEH01
Asst Dir, Univ ScholarshipsAD29
Asst Dir, University HousingNC99
Asst Dir, Utilities & EnergyNC83
Asst Mgr, 4H Marketing&PromotCA17
Asst Mgr, BenefitsEB46
Asst Mgr, Campus Rec TurfBA87
Asst Mgr, Cust SvcsNC98
Asst Mgr, Dev Rsch & RecordsOA22
Asst Mgr, Donor RelationsOA39
Asst Mgr, EquipmentBA33
Asst Mgr, Facilities OperationNC61
Asst Mgr, Mail ServicesEA21
Asst Mgr, MaterialsED07
Asst Mgr, Office Gifts & RecOA36
Asst Mgr, PayrollKA41
Asst Supv, Audio VisualOC43
Asst Supv, Building OperationsNB95
Asst Supv, CarpentryNB72
Asst Supv, ConstructionNB76
Asst Supv, CustodianNB87
Asst Supv, Elec DistributionNB94
Asst Supv, ElectricianNB80
Asst Supv, Fac Zone MaintenanceND06
Asst Supv, Facility MaintNB36
Asst Supv, Heavy Equip & ConstNB57
Asst Supv, Heavy Ext Const & AbatementNB71
Asst Supv, MechanicalNB22
Asst Supv, Paint & Sign ShopNB26
Asst Supv, PlumbingNB75
Asst Supv, Preventive MaintNB85
Asst Supv, Security ServicesNB78
Asst Supv, Security TechNB65
Asst Supv, Service SupportNB82
Asst Supv, Vet Hosp Svc SupprtIA21
Asst To President, CommunicationsEC06
Asst To SVP, Student AffairsBB88
Asst VP, Access & Inclusive ExcellenceAA57
Asst VP, Budgets & Bus OperationsKA45
Asst VP, Client RelationsNC03
Asst VP, Dev Comm & MarketingOA28
Asst VP, Facilities OperationsNC19
Asst VP, ResearchHC16
Asst VP, Strategic Init & CommAA23
Asst VP, Univ Comm & MarketingOC10
Asst VP,Planning,Dsgn,&ConstruNC35
Asst, BookstoreEF06
Asst, Campus Card OpsEA14
Asst, Costume ShopEA27
Asst, CuratorialAB09
Asst, Financial-CentralDE03
Asst, Financial-DeptDE01
Asst, LabHB02
Asst, PurchasingED24
Asst, Testing ServicesDA10
Asst, Transit ServicesEA74
Asst, Vet InpatientIC22
Asst, Vet Lab AnimalIC15
Asst, Vet UltrasoundIC06
Asst, VeterinaryIC11
Ath Transcript Evl/AdvBB28
Athletic TrainerBB03
Athletics DirectorBA19
Auditor, PropertyED11
Automotive MechanicNB41
Behavior AnalystCA19
Bldg SpecialistNA15
Broadcast AssociateOC25
Broadcast EngineerBB32
Budget/Financial AnalystAA68
Bus Mgr, ARTFEH28
Buyer-Bookstore MerchandiseEF11
COACH Operations ManagerAD12
CUI ManagerHC94
Cabinet MakerNB42
Cad OperatorJB05
Campaign SpecialistOA32
Campus ArchitectNC52
Campus PlannerNC48
Campus Safety OfficerEE15
Canine InstructorHA05
Canine Rehab SpecialistIC14
Captain/Sr CaptainEA65
Case Manager, StudentAE73
Chief Canine InstructorHA04
Chief Marketing Officer, AthBA61
Chief Of Staff & VP, Economic Development & IndusEC11
Chief Operating Officer, AthBA60
Chief PhotographerOC18
Chief PreparatorAB13
Chief Revenue OfficerBA80
Chief, EditorOC07
Civil EngineerJA08
Client Advocate, Vet SchoolIB08
Clinical NurseEH06
Co-Op EmployeeCO01
Coach, EquestrianGA01
Communications Editor-CtrlOC08
Communications Editor-DeptOC29
Computer Ops Sup SpecMC01
Const & Heavy Machine OpNB74
Coord I, University SchedulerAD56
Coord II, University SchedulerAD57
Coord III, University SchedulerAD58
Coord, 4-H Program SupportCA28
Coord, Acad Partnerships & InitAE25
Coord, Academic InsightHC82
Coord, Academic ProgramsAA98
Coord, AccompanistAA21
Coord, Accreditation SupptHC48
Coord, Acknowledgement ProcessOA21
Coord, Advising TechnologiesAA33
Coord, Airport Admin & Customer ServiceEG15
Coord, Alumni Digital MediaOC48
Coord, Alumni ProgramsOB02
Coord, Area HousingAE26
Coord, Art StudioEA60
Coord, Ath Hospty&Spec EvtsBB24
Coord, Ath Ticket SalesBB44
Coord, Ath Video ServicesBB31
Coord, Athlete Medical CareBB12
Coord, Athletic EventsBB20
Coord, Athletic FacilitiesBB27
Coord, Athletic RecruitingBB08
Coord, Athletic Stu Fin AidKB13
Coord, Athletic TicketingBB21
Coord, BOT AdminDB47
Coord, BandEH03
Coord, BenefitsEB35
Coord, Billing/ReceivableDF03
Coord, Bookstore CashiersEF04
Coord, Bookstore TrainerEF12
Coord, Budget Svcs&Fed RecEA12
Coord, Building OperationsNC37
Coord, Bus Dev For Stu AffAE41
Coord, Business/Admin SvcsDB04
Coord, CVM Clinical TrialsIC29
Coord, Cad Op-GPS DataJB01
Coord, Campus RecreationAE54
Coord, Campus RelocationNC75
Coord, Campus ServicesNC97
Coord, Campus ToursAD41
Coord, Campus&Comm EventsOC41
Coord, Clinical PlacementAA59
Coord, Col/School EventsEA89
Coord, Col/School ProgramsEA84
Coord, Comm, Mktg, & EventsAA56
Coord, Contract&Grant AcctDF10
Coord, Contracts & GrantsDF06
Coord, Cooperative EducAE09
Coord, Costume StudioEA70
Coord, Course MaterialsEF13
Coord, Curriculum MgtAA20
Coord, Custodial Services ProjNB84
Coord, Design/ConstructionNC15
Coord, Development ProgOA06
Coord, Distance EducationAA24
Coord, Diversity InitiativesAE18
Coord, Donor EventsOA13
Coord, Electronic Pay SvcsDF11
Coord, Employee EngagementEB59
Coord, EngagementOB05
Coord, Enrollment OperationsAD38
Coord, Eqty &Inclsv ExcellenceEB53
Coord, Event TicketingBB10
Coord, Export ControlEA87
Coord, FAC AVP ProgramsDB33
Coord, Facilities TrainingEB43
Coord, Facility Ops & ITNB89
Coord, Field & Media RschHC54
Coord, Forest ManagementGB06
Coord, GreenhouseNB40
Coord, HR DevelopmentEB38
Coord, Housing Bus OpsAD49
Coord, Housing OperationsAD59
Coord, IDM Help DeskDB30
Coord, IT Project MgmtMA19
Coord, Lab OperationsIC19
Coord, Large Animal ResearchIC16
Coord, Learn Resc Ctr SvcsLA01
Coord, Mailroom-DepartmentEA11
Coord, Materials - AMSTIED17
Coord, McCrary OperationsHC97
Coord, Meat LaboratoryEA58
Coord, Meat ProductionAA58
Coord, Medical BillingDB43
Coord, Membership/VolunteerAB01
Coord, Mental Health TrainCA20
Coord, Mentorship ProgramsAE92
Coord, Minority ProgramAD16
Coord, NCAT TrainingHC98
Coord, Non-Res Alien TaxDE07
Coord, Nursing Resource CtEA59
Coord, Nutrition CenterAA81
Coord, Nutrition ServicesEA94
Coord, OIP Academic ProgramsAD07
Coord, Office Of Univ ArchNC89
Coord, Onboarding ServicesEB56
Coord, Outreach ProgramsCA36
Coord, PHED ProgramAA86
Coord, Patient Care ProgAA45
Coord, Payroll&Emp BenefitsDF09
Coord, Perf&Health Opt CtrEH10
Coord, Policy&Legal SupportEA77
Coord, Pre-Law ProgramsAA83
Coord, Priority Tkt SalesBB18
Coord, Prof Dev CommAA35
Coord, ProjectAE90
Coord, Purchasing, Vet MedED16
Coord, Quality SystemsHC42
Coord, Recycle&Waste ReducNC50
Coord, Research LabsIC21
Coord, Research Prgm DevHC89
Coord, ResidencyAA15
Coord, Resident TreatmentCA30
Coord, Risk Mgt Campus RecAE56
Coord, Rural Studio ConstNC91
Coord, Rural Studio ShopNC90
Coord, SCOREED30
Coord, SEH & Contract SvcsEE18
Coord, Scholarship & ResearchAA93
Coord, Spirit Grp&Pub RltnBB11
Coord, Stage OperationsEH15
Coord, Student Leadership ProgAE31
Coord, Student MediaAA37
Coord, Student MediaTechAC15
Coord, Student ProgramsAE32
Coord, Student RecruitingAA66
Coord, Student ServicesAA04
Coord, Surplus PropertyED28
Coord, Teaching Sci LabsHC32
Coord, Technical/Admin SupportDB40
Coord, Telecounsel/AdmisAD05
Coord, Testing ServicesDA11
Coord, Tutoring ServicesAD45
Coord, Univ Creative SvcsOC20
Coord, University EventsEA56
Coord, VIT ProgramAD40
Coord, Veterans Res CtrKB09
Coord, Women's CenterAE89
Coordinator, Airport Operations Support IDA13
Coordinator, Airport Operations Support I DA14
Counselor, AcademicAE21
Counselor, Academics (Ath)AA05
Counselor, CareerAE04
Counselor, FYS Career ProgAE67
Counselor, StudentAE03
Creative DirectorOC45
Curator, Art Collect & ExhibitAB02
Curator, Natural SciencesAB04
Cybersecurity Analyst-CentralMA39
Cybersecurity Eng-CentralMA40
Dairy AttendantID10
Deputy Board SecretaryDB21
Development OfficerOA05
Development Support SpecialistOA25
Diagnostic MicrobiologistIA04
Digital Philanthropy StratOA29
Dir, ACES Program & Dev SuppCA22
Dir, Academic AdvisingAA28
Dir, Academic AssessmentHC55
Dir, Academic Supp Svcs (Ath)BB42
Dir, Acct & Finance-CLAEH30
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, COBEA97
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, COEEH13
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, COSAMEH18
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, CVMEH17
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, HSOPEH07
Dir, Ag Bus&Fiscal AdminKA05
Dir, Ag Land & Resource MngtGA02
Dir, Air TransportationEG03
Dir, Alabama 4H CenterCA05
Dir, Alumni Comm & MarketingOB06
Dir, Alumni Spec Events & ProgOB07
Dir, Aquatics CenterBA24
Dir, ArboretumAB15
Dir, Assessment & Stragic PlanAE58
Dir, Ath Hospty & Spec EvtsBA64
Dir, Ath Motion GraphicsBB36
Dir, Ath Turf And GroundsBA56
Dir, Ath Video ServicesBA65
Dir, Athletic FacilitiesBA23
Dir, Athletics EventsBA12
Dir, Athletics Media RelationsBA08
Dir, Auburn Univ Career CenterAE06
Dir, BookstoreEF01
Dir, Bus Devlop For Aux SvcsEA57
Dir, Business Dev & StartupsHC78
Dir, BusinessOps-AlumniAffairsOB08
Dir, Campus Dining&ConcessionsEA95
Dir, Campus Plan & Space MgtNC09
Dir, Campus Safety & ComplianceEE12
Dir, Campus ServicesNC38
Dir, Campus&Community EventsOC40
Dir, Canine Detect Train CtrHC07
Dir, Canine Perform SciencesIA18
Dir, Capital ProjectsNC14
Dir, Cash Management & TreasuryKD06
Dir, Chemical LaboratoryHC41
Dir, Comm & External RelationsBA85
Dir, Comm & MarketingOC26
Dir, CommercializationHC77
Dir, Community Pharm SvcsAA65
Dir, Construction ManagementNC73
Dir, Contract&Grant AcctKE02
Dir, Critical Care NursingIA17
Dir, Cross Cultural Ctr ExcEA43
Dir, Curatorial AffairsAB20
Dir, Design ServicesNC72
Dir, Dev Talent MgmtAD50
Dir, DevelopmentOA07
Dir, Development AccountingKD05
Dir, Development Strat & OrgOA30
Dir, Digital MarketingOA51
Dir, Division InitiativesAE36
Dir, Donor RelationsOA16
Dir, Edu, Engagmt & LearningAB19
Dir, Emergency MgmtEE11
Dir, Employment ServicesEB11
Dir, Endowment Investment OffKD01
Dir, Eng Outrch& Cont Ed PrgmsAC12
Dir, Eng Recruit & ScholarshipAA42
Dir, Enrollment Svcs OpsAD25
Dir, Equine UnitGA22
Dir, Exp Ops And Co-CurriculumAD22
Dir, Exp Station Research OpsHC12
Dir, Exploratory Advising CenterAA38
Dir, External Services, AthBA59
Dir, Financial ServicesKA19
Dir, GPAC OperationsAB18
Dir, Governmental AffairsEA91
Dir, Graduate AdmissionsAA08
Dir, Graduate Career SvcsAE27
Dir, Graduate RecruitingAD10
Dir, Graham Farm & Nature CenterCA42
Dir, Greek LifeAE13
Dir, HR&Strategic Partner InitEB18
Dir, HSOP AssessmentOA46
Dir, HSOP Faculty DevelopmentOA45
Dir, Hlth Promo&Well InitiativeAE34
Dir, Human Resource DevEB12
Dir, Human Resources ServicesEB37
Dir, Ind Negotiations & TTHC71
Dir, Info TechMA03
Dir, Info Tech (Unit)MA12
Dir, Institutional ResearchHC18
Dir, Instruct & Research LabsHC51
Dir, Internal AuditKC01
Dir, Intl Prog InitiativesAA26
Dir, Intl Stu & Scholar SvcsAA40
Dir, Lab Animal Health DivIA06
Dir, Landscape ServicesNC29
Dir, MaintenanceNC68
Dir, Media ProductionOC31
Dir, Medicine & SurgeryIA23
Dir, Museum & Chief CuratorAB12
Dir, OIT AdministrationEA96
Dir, Office Of AccessibilityAE11
Dir, Office Of Gifts & RecordsOA35
Dir, Oper/Chief Flight InstrAA82
Dir, Outreach GlobalCA41
Dir, Perioperative ServicesIA24
Dir, Pharm Student RecruitAD20
Dir, Pharmaceutical OperationsEA42
Dir, Pres Hse Ops/Dev StrategyAA85
Dir, Procurement & Business SvcsAA80
Dir, Production GPACAB10
Dir, Professional & Career DevAE71
Dir, Prog Mngt&Proj ExecutionNC70
Dir, Programming & Edu GPACAB11
Dir, Property MgtNC05
Dir, Proposal Svs & Fac SupHC45
Dir, Prospect Mgmt & ResearchBA86
Dir, Provost Budget SvcsKA43
Dir, Real EstateEA73
Dir, Rec Facilities & OpsAE66
Dir, Recreation ProgramsAE65
Dir, Res Prg Dev&Grant-Col/SchHC39
Dir, Research ComplianceHC17
Dir, Research Prg Dev, Vet MedHC40
Dir, Research-AUHRCHC50
Dir, Research/Extension CtrGA05
Dir, Risk Mgmt & InsuranceEE08
Dir, Rsrch Security ComplianceHC85
Dir, Special EventsEA62
Dir, Special FacilitiesND21
Dir, Sponsored ProgramsHC59
Dir, Strategic Comm &MarketingED31
Dir, Strategic Comm-AthleticsBA54
Dir, Strategy/Policy, HSIEH11
Dir, Stu Fin Svc BillingKB12
Dir, Stu Fin Svc-Fin AidKB11
Dir, Student Acad InitiativesAA88
Dir, Student Academic SupportAE12
Dir, Student ConductAE33
Dir, Student Excellence ProgramsAA64
Dir, Student InvolvementAE43
Dir, Student Leadership ProgramsAA61
Dir, Student ServicesAA06
Dir, Student UnionAE35
Dir, Study AbroadAA29
Dir, Theatre ProductionEA86
Dir, Ticket Sales And OperationsBA05
Dir, Trademark Mgmt&LicensingEA36
Dir, Transportation ServicesEA05
Dir, Univ Comm SvcsOC39
Dir, Univ Mktg&Creative SvcsOC13
Dir, Univ ScholarshipsAD27
Dir, University AdvisingAA90
Dir, University RecruitmentAD23
Dir, Utilities & EnergyNC69
Dir, Veterans Resource CenterAA31
Dir, Veterinary Pharmacy SvcsEA99
Dir, Women In Science&Eng InstAD24
Dir,Women's Init&Gender EquityAA99
Dispatcher, TransportationNB79
ERA AdministratorHC62
Economic Impact AnalystGB10
Educational CuratorAB05
Electrical EngineerJA04
Electrician IND07
Electrician IIND08
Electrician IIIND09
Endwmnt Accounting AnalystKD09
Endwmnt Investment AnalystKD08
Energy EngineerJA09
Engineer AssociateJA06
Equipment AttendantBB05
Estate AdministratorOA53
Exec Admin Asst, Govern AffairEA81
Exec Assoc AD/Sr Womens AdminBA29
Exec Assoc Ath DirectorBA14
Exec Asst, AU FoundationDB34
Exec Asst, Athletic DirectorDB28
Exec Asst, Auburn Alumni AssocDB46
Exec Asst, Business & Finance/CFODB35
Exec Asst, EVPDB41
Exec Asst, Exec Vice PresDB20
Exec Asst, General CounselDB12
Exec Asst, ProvostDB16
Exec Asst, Student AffairsDB39
Exec Asst, VP Alumni AffairsDB45
Exec Asst, VP Chief Info Officer / OITMA69
Exec Asst/Bus Mgr, CollegeDB10
Exec Asst/Bus Mgr, DivisionDB18
Exec Asst/Bus Mgr, SchoolDB06
Exec Budget Coord-AcadDB11
Exec Coord - DivDB27
Exec Coord - TUFDB32
Exec Coord-AcadDB05
Exec Dir, AU Res & Tech FndtnGA15
Exec Dir, Academic PartnershipAD11
Exec Dir, Auburn University AviationEG02
Exec Dir, Benefits And PayrollEB23
Exec Dir, Campus RecreationAE05
Exec Dir, Campus RelationsEB22
Exec Dir, Campus Safety & SecurityEA63
Exec Dir, Chief TechnologyMA25
Exec Dir, City/CommunityEC10
Exec Dir, Clinical Health SvcsEH20
Exec Dir, Comp & ClassEB09
Exec Dir, Compliance & PrivacyAA89
Exec Dir, Design&ConstructionNC20
Exec Dir, Educ Support SvcsAE14
Exec Dir, Governmental AffairsEA04
Exec Dir, Graduate Programs COBAD06
Exec Dir, IACHC72
Exec Dir, Procuremt & Pay SvsED08
Exec Dir, Public AffairsOC23
Exec Dir, Risk Mgmt & SafetyEE04
Exec Dir, Stu Couns & HPWSAE07
Exec Dir, Undergrad AdmissionsAD21
Exec Dir, Univ HousingNC27
Exec Dir,Student Financial SvsKB01
Exec Dir/Chief InfoSecurity OffMA72
Exec Support AsstDB23
Exec Support SpecDB24
Fac Condition Assessment Prog MgrND26
Facilities Program ManagerNC71
Family & Comm Engage SpecCA32
Family Child Care MentorCA13
First Officer/Sr First OfficerEA64
Flight InstructorEG12
Flight Instructor, Asst ChiefEG08
Functional AdministratorHC91
Functional Administrator- COAHC93
GPAC Campus & Comm Prog MgrAB17
General CounselEC01
Government Compliance AdministratorAA74
Grant WriterKE06
Graphic DesignerOB09
Groundskeeper INA28
Groundskeeper IINA29
HIPAA Privacy Compl ManagerKC10
HVACR / Equipment MechanicAA62
Hall DirectorAE63
Head Athletic Trainer,FootballBB16
Heavy Equipment OperatorNB44
Hospital Administrator,Vet MedIA20
Human Resources AssistantEB45
Human Resources Generalist IEB47
Human Resources Generalist IIEB48
Human Resources Generalist IIIEB49
IT Project ManagerMA20
IT Systems AuditorKC06
Institutional Compliance MgrKC11
Instruction Coord, EAGLESCA39
Instructional AssistantCA18
Instructional DesignerAA39
Insulator, MechanicalNB20
Interior DesignerNC04
Internal AuditorKC03
Inventory Control ClerkNA05
Job AnalystEB33
Laundry AttendantID11
Lead Admin AsstDB14
Lead Admin Asst-ACES/AAESDB08
Lead Admin Asst-AcadDB02
Lead Medical TechnologistIC10
Learning Specialist AthBB39
Library AssistantLB01
Library AssociateLA02
Lineman, Electrical DistribNB62
Maintenance EngineerNB92
Maintenance MechanicND02
Maintenance Mechanic 4H CenterCA34
Material Handler, BookstoreEF08
Mechanical EngineerJA02
Medical Billing AuditorIB09
Medical Records ClerkIB01
Medical TechnologistIC01
Membership OfficerOA24
Mental Health Counselor, AthBB34
Mgr, ACES Comm & MktgOC42
Mgr, ACES Human Res AdminEB62
Mgr, Academic ComplianceKC09
Mgr, Academic ProgramsAA25
Mgr, Accounting, CentralKA21
Mgr, Accounting, DepartmentKA16
Mgr, Admissions ProcessingAD47
Mgr, Ag & Natural Rescs ProgGA11
Mgr, Ag/ AAES Land & Fac MgtNC39
Mgr, Aircraft HangarEA76
Mgr, Aircraft MaintenanceEG11
Mgr, Aircraft Svcs And GroundsEG10
Mgr, Alumni Athlete ExperienceBB22
Mgr, Analytical InstrumentJB04
Mgr, Animal Care UnitIA09
Mgr, Ath Event Fac OpsNC34
Mgr, Ath Ticket SalesBB45
Mgr, Athletic TurfNC08
Mgr, Auburn CaresAE77
Mgr, Budget ServicesAA60
Mgr, Building Plan & SystemsNC54
Mgr, Business & Financial AdminEH25
Mgr, Business & Financial OpsHC75
Mgr, Business - AMSTIED15
Mgr, Business DevelopmentOA34
Mgr, CPS-Perf Research & DevelopmentHC76
Mgr, Campus Card OpsEA28
Mgr, Campus Mech & Elec SysNC07
Mgr, Campus Rec Bus OpsAE70
Mgr, Campus Rec Turf&LndscpingAE87
Mgr, Client ServicesIA19
Mgr, Clinical ServicesCA25
Mgr, Comm & MarketingOC37
Mgr, Compensation AdminEB21
Mgr, Construction TradesNC24
Mgr, Contract ServicesNC60
Mgr, Creative Services AthleticsBB37
Mgr, Custodial ServNB86
Mgr, Custodial Svcs OperationsNC93
Mgr, Cyber - ResearchMA74
Mgr, CybersecurityMA73
Mgr, Cybersecurity-RSCMA75
Mgr, Design & Const ContractsNC67
Mgr, Development AcctKA02
Mgr, Development Rsch&RecordsOA18
Mgr, Development SupportOA02
Mgr, Diversity InclusionEA47
Mgr, Employee BenefitsKA35
Mgr, Employee EngagementEB58
Mgr, Employee Records&Sys MgmtEB36
Mgr, Employee RelationsEB20
Mgr, Employment AdministrationEB27
Mgr, EngagementAA51
Mgr, Equipment OperationsBA79
Mgr, Fac Campus Srvcs ProjectsND27
Mgr, Fac Document MgntNA25
Mgr, Fac Shops MaintenanceND03
Mgr, Fac Zone MaintenanceND04
Mgr, Facilities OperationsNC32
Mgr, Facilities ProjectNC56
Mgr, Facilities TrainingEB29
Mgr, FarmIA15
Mgr, Field ResearchHC57
Mgr, Fin Aid ServicesKB07
Mgr, Fin Plan & AnalysisKA44
Mgr, Fin Report & Property SvsKA38
Mgr, Financial AdministrationEH23
Mgr, Food ServicesCA04
Mgr, Forest ManagementGB08
Mgr, Glass ShopHC23
Mgr, HR AdministrationEB52
Mgr, HerdGA09
Mgr, Hospital Admin Spt SvcsIB03
Mgr, Human ResourcesEB02
Mgr, In-House ConstructionNC86
Mgr, InHouse DesignNC80
Mgr, Info System SecurityMA63
Mgr, Info TechMA04
Mgr, Info Tech AuditKC04
Mgr, Info Tech ProjectMA07
Mgr, Instructional TechnologyAC03
Mgr, Int'l Std And Scholar SvsAA34
Mgr, Internal AuditKC02
Mgr, Kreher Prsrv & Nature CtrCA35
Mgr, Lab Research & PlanningHC10
Mgr, Laboratory ResearchHC25
Mgr, Laboratory TeachingHC26
Mgr, LandscapeNA32
Mgr, Mail ServicesEA22
Mgr, MaterialsED06
Mgr, Media ProductionOC33
Mgr, Media ServicesOC12
Mgr, Mental HealthCA10
Mgr, Mental Health TrainingCA31
Mgr, NCAT Lab ResearchHC29
Mgr, NCAT Test TrackHC67
Mgr, NCAT Training / EngineerHC84
Mgr, Onboarding CenterEB50
Mgr, Outreach ProgramsCA38
Mgr, Parking OperationsNC12
Mgr, Patron ServicesAB14
Mgr, Payment ServicesKA47
Mgr, PayrollKA33
Mgr, Plasma Rsch ProductionIA13
Mgr, Practice OperationsEH04
Mgr, Project DesignNC10
Mgr, Prospective CommAD46
Mgr, Purchasing Card ProgramAA78
Mgr, RFID LabAA55
Mgr, Radiology ServicesIA10
Mgr, Recruiting SvcsBB40
Mgr, Recycle & Waste ReductionNC66
Mgr, Rehab & Physical TherapyBA09
Mgr, Repro-Print ShopEA07
Mgr, Res Prg Dev&Grat-Col/SchHC92
Mgr, Research ComplianceHC69
Mgr, Research IntegrityHC81
Mgr, Retail Sales & ServiceEF14
Mgr, Rsrch Security ComplianceHC86
Mgr, SafetyEE17
Mgr, Safety & HealthEE07
Mgr, SalesForce & Data AdminHC83
Mgr, Scientific SupplyNC45
Mgr, Space ManagementNC47
Mgr, Student & Temp EmplEB57
Mgr, Student Achievement CtrAA96
Mgr, Student Affairs Resv SptAA47
Mgr, Student Billing ServicesKB08
Mgr, Surplus PropertyED03
Mgr, TUF Financial ServicesDF12
Mgr, Tax Rptg & ComplianceKA48
Mgr, Technology Sales & SvcEF15
Mgr, Temporary EmploymentEB14
Mgr, Testing ServicesAA54
Mgr, Trademark Mktg & PromoEH02
Mgr, Transfer Stu RecruitAD54
Mgr, Transit OperationsEA35
Mgr, Univ Dev&Strategic PritesOA12
Mgr, University Creative SvcsOC44
Mgr, UtilitiesNC28
Mgr, Vet Med FacilitiesND23
Mgr, Youth Protection ProgramEE21
Museum PreparatorAB03
Museum RegistrarAB06
NCAT DriverNB59
NCAT EngineerJA03
Nurse PractitionerEA85
Nursing Lab StaffAE99
OADSS Admin OfficerEA78
Officer, Tech TransferHC03
Patent AdministratorHC74
Pesticide ApplicatorNA38
Photographer, AthleticsBB02
Plumber IND10
Plumber IIND11
Plumber IIIND12
Prin Res Sci/Eng H'villeHU01
Production Coord Alum AffairsAD43
Production ManagerAB16
Program AnalystEA45
Project Coord, McCrary InstAE97
Project ExpeditorNC64
Project InspectorNC42
Prospect AnalystOA38
QA Analyst - ITMA23
QA Associate - ITMA22
Quality Assurance InspectorNA27
Radiation TherapistIC20
Raptor Rehab SpecialistGA18
Raptor SpecialistGA12
Referral LiaisonIB07
Rep, Parking ServicesNA06
Research AideHB04
Research AssistantHA01
Research AssociateHA02
Research Eng, HuntsvilleHU07
Research EngineerJA01
Research FellowHA03
SVP, Student AffairsEC08
Sales RepresentativeEA37
Salesforce Mktg Cloud MgrOC47
Seasonal Camp AssistantCO02
Sec To The Board Of TrusteesEA40
Security Svcs RepNA02
Senior Associate ADBA45
Senior Athletic TrainerBB19
Small Engine MechanicNB47
Sp Asst, Asc Prov - Und StdAE60
Spec Asst Provost-HREB15
Spec Asst, Asst Prov-Intr ProgDB31
Spec Asst, Inc & Div EducationAA69
Spec Asst, Inclusion & DiversityAA73
Spec Asst, Office Of Stu AffAE38
Spec I, ArborND28
Spec I, Customer RelationsED35
Spec II, ArborND29
Spec III, ArborND30
Spec, 4-H Animal CareCA27
Spec, Accounts PayableDF01
Spec, Adaptive Sports &RecAE62
Spec, ArboretumAB07
Spec, Art Design - CentralOC03
Spec, Art Design - DeptOC27
Spec, Assist TechnologiesAC02
Spec, Ath Digitl Media&PubBB35
Spec, Ath Media RelationsBB25
Spec, Athletic EligibilityAD30
Spec, Athletics MarketingBB04
Spec, Biographical & GiftOA41
Spec, BookstoreEF05
Spec, Career ServicesAE22
Spec, Class And CompEB05
Spec, Clery ComplianceEH09
Spec, Clinical TransitionCA24
Spec, Comm &Marketing-CtrlOC28
Spec, Comm &Marketing-DeptOC22
Spec, ComplianceKC07
Spec, Contracts And GrantsKE05
Spec, Creative ServicesBB38
Spec, Data Analytics & StatsDB44
Spec, Development ResearchOA08
Spec, Disability ProgramAE08
Spec, Electronic Pay SvcsKA37
Spec, Emergency MngtEE14
Spec, Employee RelationsEB03
Spec, EmploymentEB06
Spec, Energy ManagementNC94
Spec, EvaluationCA26
Spec, Export ControlHC88
Spec, Food AnimalIC17
Spec, Forest ManagementGB07
Spec, GraduationAA13
Spec, Group CounselorCA23
Spec, Human Resources DevEB10
Spec, Info TechMA14
Spec, Instructional TechAC01
Spec, Inventory & ReceivingED02
Spec, Inventory AccountingEH16
Spec, Library TechnicalLB02
Spec, Media ProductionOC32
Spec, Mental HealthCA11
Spec, MultimediaOC01
Spec, Non-Res Alien TaxKA03
Spec, Onboarding CenterEB51
Spec, Online Mktg & SalesEF10
Spec, Payroll&Emp BenefitsDF04
Spec, Plan& Design Doc& RecDB19
Spec, Pre-Health CounselingAA36
Spec, Quality AssuranceEA88
Spec, Risk ManagementEE03
Spec, Rsrch Security ProgramsHC87
Spec, Safety & HealthEE06
Spec, Special EventsBB26
Spec, Stu Supp Svcs (Ath)AA30
Spec, Student & Temp EmplEB39
Spec, Systems TrainingEB60
Spec, TESEB19
Spec, Title IX/EEOEB04
Spec, Vet InpatientIC24
Spec, Vet TechIC13
Spec, Voice TelecomMB05
Sport Psychologist IBB46
Sports DieticianBB17
Sports Dietician AssistantBB29
Sr Account ManagerOC46
Sr Assoc AD, CommunicationsBA58
Sr Assoc AD, External AffairsBA44
Sr Assoc AD, Int'l Ops & IncluBA72
Sr Assoc AD, Student SvcsBA21
Sr Assoc AD/Chief FinancialBA10
Sr Assoc VP, DevelopmentOA26
Sr Cybersecurity Eng-CentralMA41
Sr Dir, Corp & Fndtn RelationsOA47
Sr Dir, DevelopmentOA33
Sr Dir, Finance & OperationsKA14
Sr Dir, Gift PlanningOA11
Sr Editor, Univ PublicationsOC35
Sr. Analyst, Facility OperationsAA53
Sr. Assoc AD, Student-Ath ExpBA83
Sr. HVACR / Equipment MechanicAA63
Sr. IT Project ManagerMA21
Sr. Industry NegotiatorAA72
Sr. Major Gifts OfficerOA44
Sr. Manager, Human ResourcesEB30
Sr. Producer Live OperationsBB43
Sr. QA Analyst - ITMA24
Sr. Staff CounselEC09
Staff CounselEC04
Staff MusicianAA19
Staff Videographer, AthBB06
Stewardship SpecialistOA40
Strategic Procure&Contract OfED10
Strategic Sourcing AnalystED20
Student Info Systems TrainerAD36
Supt, ConstructionNC16
Supt, Plant OperationsNC55
Supv, AAES Rsch/ Ext UnitGA08
Supv, Accounts PayableDF08
Supv, AsbestosNB10
Supv, Ath Business OfficeBB01
Supv, Ath Fac MaintenanceNB81
Supv, Athletic TrainerBB15
Supv, Audio VisualOC38
Supv, Automotive ShopNB31
Supv, BarnsIA27
Supv, Building OperationsNB03
Supv, Building SpecialistsNB88
Supv, Call CenterOA37
Supv, CarpentryNB39
Supv, ConstructionNB08
Supv, CustodianNB56
Supv, Electrical DistributionNB33
Supv, ElectricianNB15
Supv, Employee Records & RetentionEB34
Supv, Fabrication ShopsND33
Supv, Fac Zone MaintenanceND05
Supv, FarmIA08
Supv, Farm MaintenanceIA26
Supv, Financial ServicesDF02
Supv, Food AnimalIC18
Supv, Food ServicesCA03
Supv, Heavy Ext Const & AbatementNB11
Supv, Human Resource RecDB26
Supv, LandscapeNB37
Supv, Materials - DeptED21
Supv, MechanicalNB23
Supv, Medical RecordsIB04
Supv, NCAT TruckingHC20
Supv, OIP Bus Dev & OperAA27
Supv, OfficeDB13
Supv, Office - AcadDB01
Supv, Paint & Sign ShopNB27
Supv, Parking ServicesNB48
Supv, Payroll & Emp BenefitsDF05
Supv, Pharm TechEA54
Supv, Plant OperationsNB67
Supv, PlumbingNB07
Supv, Preventive MaintNC88
Supv, Recycl & Waste ReductionNB83
Supv, Roofing ShopNB38
Supv, Security ServicesNB24
Supv, Security TechNB32
Supv, Service SupportNB73
Supv, Stu Ctr Resv & Info DeskAA22
Supv, Student Billing ServicesKB10
Supv, Transit ServicesEA50
Supv, Transp Training & SafetyEA75
Supv, Tree CareND31
Supv, Utility ServicesNB25
Supv, Vet Hospital Svc SupportIA02
Supv, Video ResourcesAC06
Supv, Work ManagementNB35
Surplus Property AssociateED29
Tax AccountantKA40
Team PhysicianEA79
Tech I, Controls SystemsND16
Tech I, IrrigationNA35
Tech I, LandscapeNA30
Tech I, Plant OperationsND13
Tech I, Sheet MetalND24
Tech II, Controls SystemsND17
Tech II, IrrigationNA36
Tech II, LandscapeNA31
Tech II, Plant OperationsND14
Tech II, Sheet MetalND25
Tech III, IrrigationNA37
Tech III, Plant OperationsND15
Tech Transfer AdministratorHC73
Tech, Academic TradesNB55
Tech, Ag-Vet MedID01
Tech, AgricultureGB02
Tech, AquacultureGB05
Tech, AquaticsNB01
Tech, AsbestosNB34
Tech, Athletic GroundsNA14
Tech, Athletic StructureNB06
Tech, Aviation EquipEG05
Tech, Aviation MaintEG06
Tech, Campus Rec MaintenanceAE79
Tech, Campus Rec Turf & MntceNA39
Tech, CommunicationAC04
Tech, ConstructionNB05
Tech, Diagnostic ImagIC05
Tech, ElectronicNB50
Tech, Emergency ManagementEE16
Tech, EngineeringJB03
Tech, Floor Care/CustodianNA11
Tech, ForestryGB03
Tech, HVACNB45
Tech, HistologicalIC04
Tech, Industrial MaintND38
Tech, InfrastructureNB77
Tech, Instructional TechnoAC05
Tech, LabHB01
Tech, Outreach Education DataDB37
Tech, PharmacyEA34
Tech, ResearchHB05
Tech, Safety & HealthEE05
Tech, SecurityNB09
Tech, Service SupportNA10
Tech, SignNB02
Tech, Solid WasteNA20
Tech, Surgical ServID07
Tech, UtilitiesNB61
Tech, Vet InpatientIC23
Tech, VeterinaryIC12
Technical Advisor, ElectricalNB91
Technical Advisor, MechanicalNB90
Technical Advisor, PlumbingNB93
Technical Dir, TheatreEA39
Technician, Employee RecordsEB44
Technology Architect-CentralMA54
Telephone OperatorDA07
Telephone Operator, LeadDA09
Title IX/EEO InvestigatorEB41
Transportation EngineerJA11
Univ Architect/Dir Fac DesignNC31
Univ Research Security OffEA08
Univ Transcript EvaluatorAD34
Univ Transportation & Site EngND32
Univ Vet & Dir Lab Anim HealthIA22
University ArboristNC82
University ArchitectNC92
University CounselEC03
University EngineerJA10
University Mail Tech INA03
University Mail Tech IINA09
University RegistrarAD04
University Risk ManagerEE02
University VeterinarianIA16
VIT Advisor, AdmissionsAD08
VP, Alumni AffairsOB01
VP, Bus & Fin And CFOKA12
VP, Chief Information OfficerMA17
VP, DevelopmentOA01
VP, Enrollment ServicesAD37
Veterinary Accounts AssistIB06
Veterinary Customer Svcs RepAA79

Last Updated: May 5, 2021

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