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A heart waving - the symbol for Aspire to GiveThe Aspirational Philanthropist, the first-of-its-kind program, is a learning series designed to guide donors using a roadmap as they seek to solidify their legacy through giving, both to their families and the causes that are important to them. The step-by-step roadmap is presented through four courses, with each building on knowledge to enable individual donors to find how they can be the best stewards of their personal and financial resources as they seek to do good for their families, in their communities, and around the world.

This program equips donors with the knowledge, tools, and resources to take care of their families and to give wisely. With a mix of short, engaging narrated videos, tailored journal sheets, short self-quizzes to benchmark learning, and an annotated bibliography and references, donors will learn how to gain more meaning and impact.

A roadmap for a life of meaning and purpose. Learn more about yourself, what you truly desire for your life, your family, the causes that inspire you, and ultimately, what you want your legacy to be. The Aspirational Philanthropist Fundamentals Course is the first course in a four-course series.

In this Fundamentals course, the first of the four courses, you will learn to embrace your role as a donor and aspiring philanthropist. You will also learn about your circles of influence and how to engage them as you are developing your philanthropic and legacy goals. As you begin your journey on the learning roadmap, you will receive the 5 Keys to Effective Donor Giving, focusing on YOU-the aspiring philanthropist that serves as the foundation for the remaining three courses.

  • Embrace a Different Outlook
  • Tap Your Donor Roots
  • Engage Your Circles of Influence
  • Key #1: Inquire to Learn
  • Key #2: Appreciate Your Wheelhouse
  • Key #3: Understand Your Life Journey
  • Key #4: Engage in Meaningful Conversations
  • Key #5: Follow Philanthropy Way
  • Recap the Basics

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In the Donor Discovery course, the individual donor will discover the roots of their giving, learn how to direct, align, and focus their generosity; as well as learn how to find and vet targeted charitable beneficiaries.

  • Reveal Through Questions
  • Turbocharge Discovery
  • Learn the Giving Dimensions
  • Review Your Current Giving
  • Find Meaning in Your Stories
  • Align for Focus
  • Expand Your Opportunities
  • Find and Vet Organizations
  • Package Your Discoveries

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In Donor Design, course participants will learn to create their comprehensive giving plan to benefit their loved ones and meaningful causes.

  • Set the Foundation
  • Scope Your Design
  • Engage your Family
  • Volunteer for Impact
  • Learn Financial Tools
  • Craft Your Financial Design
  • Leverage Technology
  • Collaborate with Your Circles
  • Complete Your Blueprint

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Course participants will learn a “flip-the script” perspective of the transition from a successful, well-lived life to a life of significance with lasting and meaningful family and philanthropic impact.

  • Secure a Life of Significance
  • Make This Word Matter
  • Perpetuate Your Gifts
  • Live Your Legacy
  • Fund to Align and Balance
  • Share Your Meaningful Life
  • Access Resources for Your Legacy
  • Direct and Record Your Intent
  • Finish with a Generous Heart

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Each course cost $75. Completion of all four courses is required for The Aspirational Philanthropist Certificate.

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