Hap Arnold Lecture Series

Air War CollegeIn partnership with the Office of Professional and Continuing Education, the Hap Arnold Lecture Series is an outreach effort of the United States Air Force Air War College with the goal of fostering direct discussion and exchange between senior military officers and the public on matters related to national security. The platform employs a panel of senior officers, designated for their military experience, academic accomplishments and expertise in the area of national security. Held annually, this program was created to foster dialogue and to expand understanding between senior military leaders and the surrounding communities.

The series' namesake, General Henry "Hap" Arnold, was a decorated general who held the titles of General of the Army and General of the Air Force. The pioneer airman was taught to fly by the Wright Brothers and led the Army Air Forces to victory during World War II.

Four Air War College students shared their personal and professional stories and their views on a wide range of military and policy topics on May 15, 2019. This was followed by an open forum for questions and answers.

John Popiak
LTC John Popiak is a U.S. Army Cyber Warfare Officer with 22 years of active federal service.
Mark Tallo
COL Mark Tallo serves in the Army National Guard as a Judge Advocate General officer with 23 years of service.
Tiffany Herring
Tiffany L. Herring is a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist for the Defense Contract Management Agency
Jared Nelson
Col Jared C. Nelson is a United States Air Force Officer with 21 years of active duty service.

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