Support for Graduate Students

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies serves as a liaison between COSAM and the Auburn University Graduate School.  Issues and questions related to graduate student education are routed through the Departmental Graduate Program Officers (GPO) to the ADR and then to the Dean of the Graduate School. 

The ADR meets regularly with the GPOs and the Graduate Student representatives from each Department to discuss policies and concerns about the welfare of graduate students in COSAM. 

Additionally, the ADR office provides support for the COSAM Interdisciplinary Colloquium series that is organized by and for the graduate student community within COSAM.

Current Departmental Graduate Program Officers: 

Physics:  Allen Landers -
Geosciences:  Ashraf Uddin -
Mathematics and Statistics:  Paul Schmidt -
Chemistry and Biochemistry:  Douglas Goodwin -
Biological Sciences:  Mary Mendonca -

Resources for Graduate Students: