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COSAM Graduate Student Research Forum (Formerly 'COSAM Interdisciplinary Colloquium')

Come learn about the research of COSAM graduate students!

In an effort to share the research conducted by graduate students in COSAM with others in the research community, two then-graduate students, Dr. Frank Sturm (PhD Mathematics, 2014) and Dr. Hector Corzo (PhD Chemistry, 2017), established the COSAM Interdisciplinary Colloquium series in 2013. Effective from Spring 2023, it is renamed as COSAM Graduate Student Research Forum (GSRF). This forum offers graduate students in COSAM the opportunity to share their insights on their field of study and their research with the broad COSAM community. The given talks are brief; each speaker is allocated 15 minutes of time, which encompasses a 12-minute-long presentation followed by a 3-minute-long discussion. In addition to this format, from Fall 2023, we are going to introduce a 3-minute lightning talk format, similar to the 3-minute thesis graduate school competition. There will be a panel of judges and the top presenters will be rewarded with a CASH PRIZE. Student participation is encouraged. Each forum has at least three speakers from the departments in COSAM. Catered food is freely served to all starting at 12 PM and all the presenters are awarded a small gift and a certificate of participation from the Dean of COSAM. 
If you are interested in giving a talk at one of the upcoming colloquia or if you have any questions, please contact a COSAM GSC senator or the GSRF Chair: Prosenjit Ray ( or any of the GSRF committee members: Akila Abesinghe (, Bhavesh Ramkorun (, Bradley Andrew (, Emily Churchman (, Erica Maul (, Kevin Pham (, and Sukanya Dasgupta (

Spring 2024 Semester

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 (5-6:30 PM); CASIC Bldg. Room # 109/110

  • Jared DeLeo (Mathematics and Statistics): 
    Won't you be my neighbor? A look at forbidden USNS of edge-regular graphs
  • Haile Gilroy (Mathematics and Statistics): 
    Haile's adventures in Math DBER-land
  • Shawn Yates (Biological Sciences): 
    The role of canonical, full-length immediate early 3 protein in murine cytomegalovirus-induced necroptosis

Friday, March 22nd, 2024 (5-6:30 PM); CASIC Bldg. Room # 109/110

  • Bhavesh Ramkorun (Physics): 
    Effects of magnetic field on titania and carbonaceous dust cloud grown in capacitively coupled rf plasmas
  • Jordan Eckert (Mathematics and Statistics): 
    Adaptive Hybrid Learning with Catch Digraphs

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024 (5-6:30 PM); CASIC Bldg. Room # 109/110

  • Sukanya Dasgupta (Geosciences)
  • Sean Grate (Mathematics and Statistics) 
  • Bhavesh Ramkorun (Physics)
  • Jared DeLeo (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Jake Botello (Biological Sciences)
  • Atonu Chakrabortty (Biological Sciences)


Past Colloquia (2022-2023)

Fall 2023 Semester

Friday, September 15th, 2023 (12-1 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Yangyang He (Mathematics and Statistics): 
    On the translative packing density of short cylinders
  • Tori Coutts (Biological Sciences): 
    Food restriction has implications for driving life-history tradeoffs and poses long-term detriments in zebra finches
  • Isabel Harris (Mathematics and Statistics): 
    Avoiding k-Rainbows in Complete Graphs
  • Zheren Ou (Biological Sciences): 
    eEF2-sordarin promotes spontaneous reversible translocation

 Friday, October 20th, 2023 (12-1 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Hang Song (Geosciences): 
    Long-Term Predictions of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Southeast US Cities: A GEOsos and InVEST Urban Cooling Model Approach
  • Bradley Andrew (Physics):
    Nonextensive/Nonequilibrium Plasmas
  • Hewan Shemtaga (Mathematics and Statistics)
    Guided By Signals: The Mathematics of Chemotaxis
  • Md Riaz Uddin (Geosciences):
    Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Contaminant Groundwater and Sediments from Coastal Aquifers of Southwest Bangladesh

 Friday, November 10th, 2023 (12-1 PM); Room # SCC 115 (3-minute lightning competition)

  • Andrei Evdokimov (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Angel Gibbons (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Kevin Pham (Biological Sciences)
  • Atonu Chakrabortty (Biological Sciences)
  • Chidinma Odili (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • James Ogilvie (Biological Sciences)
  • Isabel Harris (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Jared DeLeo (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Segun Obisesan (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Eslam Fathy Mohamed Abdelazim (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Fall 2022 Semester

September 13th, 2022 (5:30-6:30 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Atonu Chakrabortty (Biological Sciences): 
    Unraveling the mystery of CAV2 tropism
  • Ishveen Kaur (Biological Sciences): 
    Plant Secondary metabolites adversely impact the growth and development of insect herbivores 

October 18th, 2022 (5:30-6:30 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Megan Maloney (Biological Sciences):
    Is it hot in here? Not for Cassiopea! The potential role of phenotypic plasticity in driving jellyfish proliferation in response to global change
  • Syeda Nazifa Tasneem (Geosciences):
    Tropical Cyclone Vulnerability Assessment in South Asia: Focusing Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
  • Wonil Choi (Biological Sciences):
    The Effects of Hypoxia during Embryonic Development in Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata)

November 15th, 2022 (5:30-6:30 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Chidozie Ugochukwu (Chemistry and Biochemistry):
    Investigating sulfur starvation response in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using omics tools
  • Jalaan Avritte (Physics):
    Machine-Learning Potential based molecular dynamics simulations of neutron scattering spectra
  • Orobola Olajide (Chemistry and Biochemistry):
    Ambient Ionization Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry for Rapid and accurate diagnosis of Infectious diseases


Spring 2023 Semester 

February 15th, 2023 (12:00-1:00 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Roger Dorris (Physics): 
    Characterization of Runaway Electrons in CTH
  • Cao Kha Doan (Mathematics and Statistics):
    Low regularity integrators for semilinear parabolic equations with maximum bound principles
  • Haylie Mikulak (Geosciences):
    Undergraduate Students’ Sense of Belonging During Atmospheric Science Studies and Its Influence on Career Trajectory
  • Eleanor Williamson (Physics):
    Spectroscopic measurement of gas density in a low temperature argon plasma

March 14th, 2023 (12:30-1:30 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Sydney Wayne (Biological Sciences):
    Influence of maternal hydration on embryo responses to varying hydric conditions during development of the brown anole
  • Kacey Ortiz (Chemistry and Biochemistry):
    Rhodium Catalytic Methods for Asymmetric Dearomatization of Activated Nitrogen Heterocycles & Application in Total Synthesis
  • Swapneal Jain (Physics): 
    Wavelength dependent laser annealing of Zinc Oxide thin films
  • Dogancan Yasar (Geosciences):
    Polymetamorphic evolution of the Western Blue Ridge Terrane
  • Chris Norris (Biological Sciences):
    Brown anole populations in low structure environments exhibit a greater plastic response for body size compared to populations from high structure environments

April 18th, 2023 (12:30-1:30 PM); Room # SCC 115

  • Segun Obisesan (Chemistry and Biochemistry): 
    Application of biomimicry to solve 21st century energy challenges: Reduction of dioxygen to water using a Bioinspired Fe (II) electrocatalyst
  • Yuyan Yi (Mathematics and Statistics):
    CW_ICA: An Efficient Dimensionality Selection Method for Independent Component Analysis
  • Andresa Bezerra (Chemistry and Biochemistry):
    Optimization of droplet-based microfluidic system for studying endocrine tissue dynamics
  • Colby Muir (Mathematics and Statistics):
    Word Representability in Hasse Diagrams
  • Md Riaz Uddin (Geosciences):
    Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Contaminant Groundwater and Sediments from Coastal Aquifers of Southwest Bangladesh


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