Student Employment

Did you know that Human Resources supports more than 3,200 student workers at Auburn University?  These hard-working students help ensure that daily tasks are completed.  The following information includes information to benefit supervisors and students.  

Work Policies

For Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Semesters (Note: The policies for summer semester 2019 are also available to review.)

Semester First Day of Classes Commencement
2019 spring semester
January 9, 2019 May 4-6, 2019
2019 summer semester
May 16, 2019 August 3, 2019
2019 fall semester
August 19, 2019 December 14, 2019

Those listed below should consult with their respective areas prior to entering into student employment to verify if additional policies or restrictions may apply:

  • Graduate students with assistantships: Graduate School
  • International students: Office of International Programs
  • Work study students: Student Financial Services


In order to be eligible to work on-campus as a student employee, an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled and taking classes during the semester that they are employed; or
  • Not enrolled in classes for the semester of employment, but was enrolled in the previous semester and will be registered and have a class schedule for the following semester (this includes the summer semester).
For example: In order to work during the 2019 fall semester while unenrolled, the student must have been enrolled and taken classes during 2019 summer semester and will enroll and take classes during the 2020 spring semester.

New Students

Newly enrolled students may begin work as a student employee as early as one week prior to the first day of classes (or the student start date). If it is necessary for the student to begin employment earlier than the student start date they must be hired as a Temporary Employment Services (TES) employee and may be transitioned to a student employee on or after the student start date.

Work Hours*

  • Enrolled student employees (see Eligibility provision 1) are permitted to work not more than an average of 20 hours per week for all job assignments combined during the semester of employment.

  • Unenrolled student employees (see Eligibility provision 2) are permitted to work beyond an average of 20 hours per week for all jobs combined during the unenrolled semester.

  • All student employees are permitted to work beyond an average of 20 hours per week during official University breaks for all jobs combined.

*Note: All hours worked over 40 in a designated week will be paid at the overtime premium rate of 1 ½ times the student employee’s hourly rate of pay.

Accurate Time Reporting

Student employee positions are FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) designated as nonexempt and are required to maintain accurate daily records of work time – usually through Kronos, the electronic timekeeping system of Auburn University.  They must record all actual hours worked; they are not allowed to voluntarily work “off the clock” without compensation.  Time records, whether through Kronos or paper (only when Kronos is not an option), must reflect actual starting and stopping times of work as opposed to an established work schedule.

It is important to note that this is a federal regulation; no exception can be granted regarding this legal compliance requirement.

Student Employment Purpose and Appropriate Work Assignments

Student employment benefits both Auburn University and the student employee by providing important assistance to campus day-to-day operations while also allowing students to receive valuable work experience and earn income to supplement educational expenses. 

Student employment work assignments should be based on the following principles:

  • The student employment assignment enhances the educational development and growth of students by providing university work-related learning experiences.

  • The student employment assignment provides professional and/or practical training that will enhance skills and abilities that can be applicable to future work opportunities (at Auburn University and beyond).

Note: Having a student employee perform personal errands for a supervisor, such as dry cleaning drop off or lunch pick up is not permitted.  

If you have questions regarding the appropriateness of a student employment assignment, please contact the Auburn University Student & Temporary Employment Unit.

Hiring Checklist -- New Hires

Action: All – paperwork completion Completed By
Complete the Bi-Weekly Paid Student Authorization Form Department
Complete the Personal Data Form Student Employee
Complete the W-4 (Federal Tax Form) Student Employee
Complete the A-4 (Alabama State Tax Form) Student Employee
Complete the C-4 (Auburn City Tax Withholding Certificate) If Applicable Student Employee
Action: Minors and/or Foreign Nationals Completed By
If the student is 18 years of age or younger, he/she must complete the Alabama Child Labor Employee Eligibility Form
Student Employee
If the student is a Foreign National, he/she must visit the Office of International Programs (OIP) to ensure receipt of proper employment documentation prior to beginning a student employment assignment.
Student Employee
Action: All – online form I9 completion Completed By

Complete the online I9

  • Please note:

    • Section 1 must be completed by the Student employee no later than the first day of employment

    • Section 2 must be completed by the person who views the actual I9 documentation no later than the third day of employment

    • Consult the Form I-9, List of Acceptable Documents to view the documents that may be used for the completion of the I-9.

    • The I-9 is not complete until the acceptable documents are uploaded into the I-9 system and E-Verify is complete.

Section 1: Student Employee

Section 2: Department or Student Employment Representative

Action: All – paperwork submission Completed By
  • Attach the student’s schedule to the completed documents.  If the student is not currently enrolled but was enrolled in the previous semester and will be enrolled in the following semester, please include this information.

  • Send all completed forms (utilizing the Bi-Weekly Paid Student Authorization Form as the coversheet), in a marked envelope that reads as follows:

    • Auburn University Human Resources

    • Attention: Records

    • Student Employment Paperwork

* Incomplete packets will not be processed until all required paperwork is received

  • Please note:

    • Human Resources must receive the physical documents (do not email or fax paperwork packets)

    • Student Employment paperwork may be delivered in person or via campus mail

    • Human Resources is housed at the AU Administrative Complex, 1550 E. Glenn Ave., Auburn, AL 36849 


Important: Auburn University encourages all members of the Auburn Family to review the Drug Free Campus and Workplace resources. These pieces contain relevant polices, programs and services that address substance abuse intervention and prevention.  Questions related to this document may be directed to

Find a Job

To search available on-campus opportunities, visit the Weagle Workers website.

Contact Us

Student Employment Contacts
Abbi Brown Director, Student and Temporary Staffing Services (334) 844-1610
Amy Bruce Specialist, Student and Temporary Employment (334) 844-1671
*April McFarlin Coordinator, Employee Records (334) 844-1615

* Note: Contact April McFarlin only if you have questions regarding the receipt and entry of student employment paperwork.  All other student employment inquiries should be directed to Abbi Brown or Amy Bruce.

Last updated: 06/19/2019