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Parking Services

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Parking Services

Student using one of our War Eagle bikes.

Auburn University’s Parking Services’ mission is to enhance transportation to and within our campus for all students, faculty, staff and campus guests by promoting and creating a more sustainable campus while maximizing the usage of available parking space. Don Andrae has serviced as the Director of Parking Services since 200X, and continually pursues alternate modes of transportation to and around Auburn to create a more sustainable campus community.

Beginning Spring 2015, Andrae collaborated with a Charleston-based smart bicycle company Gotcha Bikes, to implement a revolutionary bike share program with Auburn University as the first campus for the program to premiere. The War Eagle Bike Share Program utilizes student, faulty, staff or visitor’s smartphone as the key and rental portal for anyone who would like to ride any of the 120 bicycles located across campus and in the surrounding downtown Auburn area. Riders receive two free hours each day with the ability to return the bikes to any of the fifteen hubs in the Auburn area.

With 3,000 registered bicycles on Auburn’s campus each year, Andrea estimates 1,500 will be left at the end of the Spring semester because students do not want them “A lot of them are not bikers; they just buy it to get around campus and that’s what this program is designed for –the ability to use the bikes when you need them” said Andrae. Over the next few years Parking Services hopes to grow the fleet to have 200 bicycles on campus for the Auburn Family to use.

To learn more about the War Eagle Bike Share Program, rules and regulations for Parking Services, or any other useful campus information please visit our website, call (334)844-4143 or email

Last Modified: July 07, 2017